Acclimatising in a rainy Bogota [Colombia day 1-3]

Hi everybody! Greetings from the other side of the world!

At the moment we’re chilling at the lounge of Hostal El Botanico while it’s raining cats and dogs outside. Curled up under a woolen blanky and next to a firepit, the weather is not quite what we were expecting. Though we should have, because Bogota is a cold and rainy capital. Tomorrow we’ll be hopping onto a bus to warmer places, but let us recap the last couple of days.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were aiming for most stressful days in like.. ever! So we arrived at Kath’s parents a lot less calm than we would’ve liked too. Fortunately we then had two loving grandparents who happily played with our little monster, while we had time to get into travel modus. The next morning at 4.45 AM we hopped into our clothes, put our backpacks on and got on our way!


A car, subway and 2 train rides later, we arrived at Charles de Gaulle, Paris where we had a couple of hours to eat and relax/play (depending on the age) before boarding our 10-hour flight.

The flight went well and before we knew it, we were in Colombia (that’s only a little exagurated). We headed through customs rather smoothly (yay, family lane), picked up our bags and hopped into a cab!

We did everything the way you’re supposed to do it, but when we woke up, jetlag kicked us hard in the face. 3.30AM! So we spent the next couple of hours trying to keep N calm, watched a movie and by 7AM crawled into bed again, haha. We woke up again at around 9, went for breakfast and then we were ready to do some Bogota explorations!

Heading downhill into the center of La Candelaria, we passed some little shops and restaurants and a couple of butcheries with huge chunks of meat at plane sight. Yep, we’re on the other side of the world again!


We enjoyed walking the colourful streets, buying a couple of bracelets and feeding the pidgeons at the Plaza Mayor. They are used to being fed all the time, so they’ll fly onto your hands and head whenever they feel like it. It was a bit overwhelming for N., but fun nonetheless!


In the afternoon we made our way to an indoor playground called Monki’s Place, where N. could enjoy some well earned playtime with other kiddo’s.

Today was much of the same: we woke up way too early and after an in-bed-movie, we headed down for breakfast. The rest of the day we spent exploring the museum of Botero, a famous Colombian artist known for his rather well-curved figures, and the Gold museum, which were actually really cool! Museums were the logical choice today as it has been raining cats and dogs all day.

We were planning on staying another day in Bogota, but we can’t stand it anymore, we need some sun! So tomorrow, we’re off to Villa de Leyva!

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