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17 Beach Essentials for Toddlers: Everything you Need for a Fun Trip!

Your little one is finally a toddler! We already learned our lesson when we went to the beach with our little one, and now, we’re sharing our beach essentials for toddlers. Toddlers can move a lot more than infants, but they are still sensitive to the heat at the beach, so make sure you pack everything you need before heading out!

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Beach Essentials for Toddlers: Top Picks


Franco Hooded Kids Towel
  • A soft and comfy hooded towel made from high-quality cotton to keep your toddler dry.
hahaland Beach Toys
  • A BPA-free 7-piece bucket set featuring a shovel, rake, bucket, and molders.
Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection
  • A travel size and skin sensitive sunscreen stick with SPF 50 protection for babies, toddlers, and adults.
Sprout Organic Baby Food
  • An organic and healthy crunchy snack for toddlers. Not suitable for toddlers with milk allergies.
Amara Yogurt Melts (gluten-free)
  • A yogurt that contains vegetables and fruits for toddlers with gluten allergies.
Apolter Water Shoes
  • A water resistant and lightweight aqua shoes for toddlers. Available in multiple color combinations.
tombik Toddler Beach Sandals
  • A slip on beach sandals with a thickened arch sole prevents water from reaching your toddler’s feet.
  • A soft and easy-to-wear summer dress with ruffles for toddlers.
U·nikaka Summer Clothes
  • Comfortable two-piece summer wear, a combination of sleeveless top and shorts.
Exemaba Baby Sun Hat
  • An adjustable toddler beach hat with UPF 50+ sun protection made from breathable and lightweight fabric.
i play. Snap Reusable Swim Diaper
  • A waterproof, reusable toddler diaper for the beach, perfect for swimming.
i play. by green sprouts
  • A rash guard for toddlers with UPF 50+ sun protection and a neck zipper for easy on and off.
uideazone Toddler Rash Guard Swimsuit
  • A breathable and soft full body long sleeve swimsuit with unisex designs for toddlers.
Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket
  • A U.S. Coast Guard approved beach float and life jacket for toddlers.
ZABERT KX Baby Toddlers Swim Goggles
  • Quick absorbent hooded beach towels for babies with adorable designs for older kids too.
COCOSAND Toddler Sunglasses
  • An ergonomic sunglasses made with BPA free material with UV protection.
Serene Life Baby Seat Booster High Chair
  • An indoor and outdoor booster chair for toddlers with a non irritating cushion.
POP’ N GO Baby Playpen
  • A large portable playpen for toddlers that could double as a tent with its UV shade cover.
Radio Flyer Beach Wagon
  • A 2 rider beach wagon for toddlers with seat belts and UV protection.

Essentials in Beach Bags for Toddlers: Reviews

What to bring to the beach? Start purchasing the best beach bag for toddlers. We packed a lot this time—more toys, food, and water. So always take time to get the best bag you can find online to pack all essentials for beach items.

We recommend a bigger bag than the ones you carried on your first trip with the toddlers at the beach 

The Scout Waterproof beach tote would be best to fit everything you need. It’s a massive bag of 24 x 19 x 12 inches that folds flat when without essentials for beach items, so you never have to worry about storing it away. It also works well as a travel bag or storage!

Now that you have the best bag to bring for your toddler at beach. It’s time to fill it up with the necessities! 

#1 Franco Hooded Kids Towel


We always try to make our little ones experience fun at the beach, so you can start with letting them pick a  Franco Hooded Kids Bath and Beach Towel!

Hooded beach towels for toddlers are always a fitting companion when at the beach, especially now that they’re moving. You want to ensure your kids are dry from top to bottom and beach towels toddlers with hoodies are a great option!

The 27 character designs and size options make the Franco hooded beach towel for toddlers exciting and fun!

With its cotton material and measuring 24″ X 50″ size, you’re sure to keep your toddlers dry after a good swim with the family!

#2 hahaland Beach Toys


The hahaland Beach Toys will let them explore the beauty of the beach while still having fun!

When at the beach, take this time to let them promote their creativity and imagination while playing on the sand.

The toy set comes with 6 toy pieces and a bucket made from BPA-free and thick plastic. They are safe for kids 18 months old and older. With the matte surface, it’s easy for toddlers to grab it while on the sand or just playing in your mini pool.

We love every bit of the toy set, but you may find the bucket too small to fit all the 6 other molders and shovel pieces. But these beach toys toddlers love will absolutely keep them entertained and happy.

#3 Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection


While there are other bigger-sized sunscreens online, we just value the Aveeno Baby Continuous Protection’s skin compatibility!

The sunscreen is only .47 ounces, a bit smaller than other bottles, but it holds maximum protection for toddlers and yourself. You can take it everywhere and put it in your pocket.

It has SPF 50 with UVA and UVB protection. The 100% zinc oxide sunscreen is sweat-resistant and water-resistant, even while staying longer under the heat. Stay under the sun or under a shade for up to 80 minutes, and you and your little one still have ample protection from the sun’s rays.

The mild formula makes it easy on the eyes, and you won’t experience that stinging feeling when you’re sweating. It truly is one of the toddler must haves when you are on a vacation with a toddler.

It might be a lot smaller than what you’re used to, but its protection and compatibility with toddlers with eczema and sensitive skin make it worth it! 

#4 Sprout Organic Baby Food


Besides milk, water, and flavored beverages, give them something healthy to much like the Sprout Organic Baby Food

Most of them love a crunchy snack at toddler age, and we found this snack that may suit your toddler’s taste too! This organic snack features carrots, chickpeas, beets, and spinach.

The pouch is also resealable, so once your toddler goes back to playing on the sand or water, you can quickly close the bag and eat it for later.

The snack is made with whole foods and is 100% organic. The packaging of this baby food is also 100% BPA-free, so you are sure to only provide the cleanest snack while at the beach.

We don’t recommend this product for kiddos with milk allergies. Also, please read the contents before checking out. Since it is only organic, it may contain ingredients that your little ones are allergic to.

#5 Amara Yogurt Melts (gluten-free)


The Amara Yogurt Melts (gluten-free) is one of the best beach snacks for toddlers. We can recommend little ones with a gluten allergy!

We know how challenging it can be to look for ordinary Gluten-free snacks. Luckily for us parents, Amara has a sweet and healthy snack for our children, suitable for the outdoors.

It’s the mix of fruity and veggie goodness all in one yogurt without artificial sweeteners. The fruits and vegetables used to create this snack are 100% organic.

However, it can be a bit pricey for the size, but it’s one of the healthiest and gluten-free snacks you can feed your toddler at the beach!

It also comes with 3 flavors: Beets n’ Berries, Carrot Raspberry, and Mango Carrot. For one box, you get 6 pouches of this plant-based yogurt.

Beach Wear for Toddlers

Now that your beach bag is full of essentials, it’s time to plan what your toddlers have to wear. Planning the overall beach clothes for toddlers and other things to bring to beach are not that easy.

With their sizes a little bigger than they were as babies and boundless energy, you want them to enjoy and be comfortable while at the beach!

Whether your little ones are playing on the shore, getting in the water, or simply taking a walk near the beach, you want to take this time to create beautiful memories with the perfect things to bring in the beach!

Our first trip to the beach with toddlers was a little hectic with careful planning and packing. So we’re giving you a short list of necessities to make your toddlers beach ready. From travel outfits to water activities, here are some of our must-haves!

#1 Apolter Water Shoes


The sandy shores can be home to various items thrown by beachgoers and even stones from the sea. So let them wear Apolter Water Shoes to keep their feet safe outdoors. 

With over 36 design options, you can always buy one or more shoe designs to get ready for that first toddler beach picture! You can also choose among the 8 size options from infant to toddler age.

The water shoes are lightweight, flexible, and wear resistant, which allows your toddlers to move freely. Though it is labeled as shoes, it feels like wearing a sock.

The rubber sole is thick and offers protection to your toddler’s feet as they walk their way on the sandy beach. The anti-collision design also reduces the impact of hitting hard objects in their path.

Before checking the beach shoes for toddlers out of your cart, always check the size.

#2 tombik Toddler Beach Sandals


If you don’t like your toddlers to wear water shoes, get the tombik Toddler Beach Sandals instead! 

Choose among 4 size options and 6 colors of these easy slip on beach sandals for toddlers. One thing we’re scared about when our toddler is wearing a pair of sandals is the probability of getting them lost.

Though it is a slip-on design, it has an elastic strap that keeps your toddler’s sandals secure and easy to take off. It is also curved, making it easier for our little ones to walk on the sand or pavement.

If you’re interested in getting the best pictures with any toddler attire for the beach, the designs of these sandals almost compliment every outfit. You may want to take a good look at the sizes before making the final purchase and make it a part of your travel with toddler checklist.

#3 JEELLIGULAR Toddler Dress


Who says you can’t let your toddler wear a beautiful dress at the beach? JEELLIGULAR Toddler Dress wants to ensure that your toddler feels comfy and looks pretty outdoors!

You can choose among the 7 designs to wear at the beach! The elegant ruffles and simple color designs make it the best sun dress you can have your toddlers wear after swimming and part of your checklist for traveling with toddler.

The beach dresses for toddlers suit 6 months to 6 years old. Every dress is light and soft that you can also use for other occasions. It’s the best multipurpose beach dress for toddlers you can find online!

Like other beach wear, always consider the sizes before checking them out of your shopping cart.

#4 U·nikaka Summer Clothes


Another option for summer wear is the U·nikaka Summer Clothes! It’s made from cotton and available in 7 size options. 

From cute letter fonts to beach designs, you can choose among 31 styles to find the best one suitable for your toddler!

Though they’re light and breathable, they can take machine washing like your typical clothes. They make a perfect addition to your travel checklist with toddler!

We want to keep our children’s first memory on film to tell them about everything we did together at the beach! Get them ready for a picture perfect photo op before and after playing at shore and water when you pick the best U·nikaka Summer Clothes!

The sizes can be slightly smaller than advertised, so always take the extra mile to check the sizes.

#5 Exemaba Baby Sun Hat


Besides a good sunscreen, protecting your toddler’s head is also a must! Getting Exemaba Baby Sun Hat may be an excellent option for you!

The polyester sun hat offers UPF 50+ sun protection to your toddler’s head while outdoors. The drawstring closure will keep the sun hat in place.

Despite being made from 100% polyester, it’s breathable and comfortable for your little ones. The sun hat is also durable enough to withstand machine washing.

You can choose between 32 design options and 7 hat sizes. Despite its adorable prints, you may want to consider checking the suggested sizes first and make sure your hat is a perfect size.

#6 i play. Snap Reusable Swim Diaper


Should toddlers still wear diapers when at the beach? We definitely recommend it! You can save money while offering extra protection to your toddler with i play. Snap Reusable Swim Diaper!

The 100% polyester and reusable swim diaper is lightweight and comfortable. It has easy-to-lock snaps for fast on and off wear!

The UPF 50+ offers extra sun protection under the sun’s rays. It is machine washable too! However, the swim diapers only come in 6 solid colors in 9 size options.

It might be a size smaller than what you expect it to be, so get one that’s a bit bigger.

#7 i play. by green sprouts


i.play. by green sprouts is a quick dry rash guard for toddlers with 6 size options!

Besides sunscreen, you can add extra protection to your toddlers when using this long sleeve water wear. The UPF 50+ protects your little one from the sun’s rays. 

The pull on neck opening makes it easy for the parents to easily wear and remove the rash guard. The stretchy neck opening also makes the neck hole bigger. 

One of the problems with rashguards is the comfort and freedom of movement. i play. by green sprouts uses raglan sleeves offering easy arm movement for your toddlers. 

We recommend picking a size bigger than what you prefer for your toddlers!

#8 uideazone Toddler Rash Guard Swimsuit


Toddler Rash Guard Swimsuit is a one piece beach wear for toddlers with spandex and polyester fabric. With its breathable design, the swimsuit is easy on their skin.

Like i play. by green sprouts, it also has a quarter zip for easy take on and off and diaper changing. It also has a long sleeve for overall protection from the sun’s rays. 

The cartoon print elevates your toddler’s beach experience! It is also an excellent gift for boys and girls! You and your toddler can choose among the 27 design options. 

The rash guard swimsuit is only good for hand wash cleaning, so make sure you prevent taking it to the laundry!

Beach Gear for Toddlers

When going to the beach with your toddler, you want to see them enjoying the sand and water.

Though it’s always a wonderful experience for them to sit on the sand and carry them while swimming, you can add a couple of beach accessories for toddlers to your shopping cart! Beach gears should be part of your beach checklist.

We managed to find these treasures online and got some of the things to bring to the beach ourselves too! There’s nothing wrong with improving the safety and comfort of your toddlers on beach. So if you have an extra budget, get an item from our list for your little one.

#1 Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket


The Body Glove Paddle Pals Life Jacket is one of the safest beach floats for toddlers you can get today!

It also works as a life jacket, meeting US Coast Guard and Transport Canada standards! So this is our number 1 recommended accessory for toddlers.

The buckle strap keeps the vest close you your little one. Your toddlers also can’t easily remove the vest without your help.

It’s safe and stylish, with over 10 prints to choose from. The colors are also bright enough to easily spot your toddlers on the beach.

#2 ZABERT KX Baby Toddlers Swim Goggles


ZABERT KX Baby Toddlers Swim Goggles improve your toddler’s overall swimming experience at the beach! 

Though they’re only available in two colors, they offer the best comfort and protection. The adjustable and anti slip strap makes the toddler goggles a perfect fit.

The lens has ZABERT’s anti-fog coating: ZSAC+ coating! It’s important for us that our little one enjoys a good swim, so the coating really helps promote the experience. It also has UV protection to shield your toddler’s sensitive eyes.

It also comes with a hard case for easy storage after use.

#3 COCOS AND Toddler Sunglasses


For extra eye protection going to or leaving the beach is COCOSAND Toddler Sunglasses.

The sun’s rays can be harmful whether you’re in the water or at the shore, so we highly suggest leveling up your toddler’s eye protection with sunglasses.

The ergonomic design and adjustable strap make each glass safe, comfortable, and intact! The UV-protected lens offers a glare-free view and safety to your toddler’s delicate eyes.

Now, they’re only available in 5 colors, but every pair not only levels up your toddler’s eye protection but also your overall summer or beach outfit!

#4 Serene Life Baby Seat Booster High Chair


The Serene Life Baby Seat Booster High Chair is one of the beach chairs for toddlers you can ever get for resting and sitting at the beach or indoors!

The toddler beach chair is foldable, and you can easily store it anywhere! The portable booster chair comes with a belt and lock to prevent your injuries.

If your toddler has sensitive skin, the cushion used for the booster chair is a non-irritating material. What we love about this is the detachable food-grade tray that’s dishwasher-safe.

The booster chair can be a pricey addition to your overall toddler essentials to the beach, but beach chair for toddlers helps when feeding your toddler outdoors!

#5 POP ‘N GO Baby Playpen


Protect your toddler from harmful rays and mosquitos at the beach with POP’ N GO Baby Playpen

It’s one of the best beach tents for toddlers for easy assembly and durability.

Unlike other travel bassinets, the POP ‘N GO Baby Playpen offers more room for your toddler to sleep, relax, and play. It also comes with a UV shade cover, so when you’re at the beach or in the yard, you can simply make a canopy and protect your toddler from the harmful sun rays.

The beach tent for toddlers is worth every dollar with the benefits it brings to your family’s overall beach experience. It is also just ‎7.2 lbs!

#6 Radio Flyer Beach Wagon


Make the beach experience exciting for your toddlers by letting them ride on Radio Flyer Beach Wagon!

The best beach wagon for toddlers can hold up to 2 beach chairs and has a rear storage pouch for storing the wagon when not in use. Instead of heavy metal, it has UV-protected and patterned fabric instead!

It’s 47.24″ x 41.34″ x 24.41″ and weighs 32 lbs, but it easily folds for you to take it anywhere! The wagon passed the ASTM-F963-13 toy safety standard, so your toddler can have fun riding it too!

When your toddler is not in the wagon, you can put a couple of bags into it. The 150 lbs capacity makes it the best family companion at the beach with a toddler!

Information guide

What toddler beach items should you use?

Though toddlers are a little older, they still need the utmost care from you! If you have read our information guide from beach essentials for babies, picking baby wearables with UPF fabric is a must! 

Every child has sensitive skin, so always carry sunscreen with you, but you may want to do something easy on the skin for children with skin diseases. However, we also suggest going to the dermatologist for kids. Another safe option is getting hypoallergenic items. 

When at the beach or just outdoors, heat is always something we have to consider. Prevent toddlers from getting bad skin reactions from sweat and salt water when they get a skin-sensitive sunscreen. 

How can I keep my toddler safe on the beach?

When we’re at the beach, we look for a clean spot. The beach may have trash and other items buried underneath all that sand, so check the whole place. If you do not have the time to do so, just find an empty spot and use a thick outdoor blanket

Toddlers are sensitive to heat, and a big umbrella may not be enough to keep them cool at the beach. So we recommend setting up a beach tentIt would be best to get a tent with an open design and use a portable fan.

Next, make them wear something bright so you can always keep an eye on them while they play at the shore. Lastly, always keep an eye on them. They can run and crawl fast, so keep them in check. 

What time of day should I take my toddler to the beach?

As much as we love the outdoors and traveling, we know how hot the beach for toddlers can be. Even with an umbrella, tent, and sunscreen, the heat pierced through our skin. Imagine how hot can it be for our little ones.

Do not be out under the sun for the whole day. The sun’s rays are harmful to you, and your toddler’s skin around 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, but the heat also matters in the country or city.

The best times to go to the beach are early morning or later afternoon. Those are the right moment to enjoy the sun without the fear of getting sunburnt and provide your toddlers the best beach experience!

Final Words

Are you excited about your next trip to the beach with the whole family? You’re set to go as long as you have the beach essentials with toddlers! Comment your favorite items from our list or suggest ones for other parents like you.

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Babs Rodrigus is the co-founder and main writer of Mums on FlipFlops . She is absolutely crazy about traveling – especially together with her wife and kids. Babs loves animals, chocolate (what did you expect from a Belgian?), reading, and writing.


Babs Rodrigus is the co-founder and main writer of Mums on FlipFlops . She is absolutely crazy about traveling – especially together with her wife and kids. Babs loves animals, chocolate (what did you expect from a Belgian?), reading, and writing.

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