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30 Inspiring Christmas or Father’s Day Travel Gifts for Dad – for every budget [2022]

While buying gifts for dads is often perceived as a difficult job, when you have a partner or dad who loves to travel, there’s a whole world of cool travel gifts for dad opening up for you! Some of these presents will be useful for men who’ve only recently begun their journey into fatherhood, but most are versatile, fun or unique gifts for dads who travel.

Together with some family travellers, we’ve compiled a list of over 40 activities or accessories that will be on the wish list of any globetrotting dad. To make it easier for you, we’ve divided them into three budget groups: small, medium and high.

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Best travel gifts for dad: top picks

Small budget

Memory jar (#AffiliateLink)

A DIY memory jar idea is one of those perfect gifts for dads who travel a lot! Furthermore, it is both free and personal. Honestly, it’s one of our favorites because it’s easy for the kids to make and it shows how much they care!

A great travel gift for dads is a version of the ‘memory jar’, To save space when traveling instead of actually keeping memories in a jar, you could use a ‘memory envelope.”

Compiling a set of memories is personal, heartwarming, and inexpensive to buy. There is also no possibility of buying the incorrect brand, or spending too little or too much on a product depending on dad’s taste.

Simply collate a list of precious memories surrounding dad and write them down. These can be funny moments; special family treats; or things that have gone wrong and are humorous after the event.

If very small children are completing the list then an adult can scribe for them. If older children are preparing the gift for dad then it can perhaps be written together during a family dinner, at which dad is absent. Once enough memories have been collected they can be put into an envelope for dad to take out and read while he’s away. Younger children can be assigned the task of decorating an envelope with a heading, for example, “Precious Memories for Dad to Enjoy” or old printed photographs cut up and stuck onto the envelope. 

By sally from

(Personalised) swiss army knife (#AffiliateLink)

A Swiss Army Knife has to be one of the most useful things you can take traveling. Don’t think they’re just for Bear Grylls style adventurers though.

These days they make various knives with different implements and you can pick the one that would be most suitable for the dad in your family.

It could be as simple as having a knife (good for cutting up fresh fruit from the local market), a corkscrew or a bottle opener (for opening a bottle of something to enjoy with a beautiful sunset) or a pair of scissors (to give the children’s hair a quick trim). Red is the traditional colour, but they come in many colours these days and you can also get them engraved.

Ours has been invaluable on so many trips and is much loved by the dad in our family. (By Jacquie – Flashpacking Family)

Microfiber towel (#AffiliateLink)

More often than not when traveling, I find I get a nice set of towels from the hotel or apartment, and possibly a towel for the pool, but most places don’t allow their towels to be taken the beach. So a compact, foldaway, microfibre towel that comes in its own little bag is the perfect solution. I got one for Father Day a few years ago, and it’s now one of the first things in my suitcase whenever I’m off on a trip that involves beach time. Microfibre towels are super-quick drying and sand resistant, and come in all sorts of colors and patterns, so what’s not to love?!

By Ed – Safaris Africana

Homesick candle (#AffiliateLink)

Gifts for dad can be tough, but one way to guarantee a smile on his face is with a Homesick Candle.

The company behind these scented candles pulls on the heartstrings with every jarred candle you light. Each one is scented with the smells of a destination.

It’s the perfect way to remind dad of a place where you travelled together recently or long ago. Scents have a way of bringing back memories, so sharing one of these candles will remind dad of the great travels you’ve shared. The right candle may even inspire him to visit a new place. You could even let him know that you’re taking him on a trip by gifting him a candle that matches your upcoming travels. The possibilities are endless, just like the sentiment. (By Derek & Mike – Everything Copenhagen)

Beard grooming kit (#AffiliateLink)

A luxurious quality of beard grooming kit that you will not have second thoughts of giving as a travel gift for dad. They will surely appreciate the gesture, most especially when they have to look good when with clients.

Made from natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic to make sure that there will be no irritation when used.

Everything is all rolled up in a burlap bag, which makes it effortless to bring when traveling.

Truckers religious keychain (#AffiliateLink)

A simple gift the receiver will highly appreciate. The key chain can house different keys and can hold residence keys or keys to the vehicle.

It is something that gives meaning to the people waiting for you to get home safely and will make the recipient happy to come back to the family, as soon as possible.

Leakproof travel bottles (#AffiliateLink)

For people who need to travel for business or even for pleasure, this travel bottle that can hold skin oil or gels and colognes is the best gift.

It is allowed in carry-on luggage, but the little bottles are equally useful when traveling with a suitcase or backpack.

Travel Pillow (#AffiliateLink)

This travel pillow is constructed with high-quality memory foam that is soft and luxurious. It will give the user hours of relaxing sleep while traveling on an airplane and will support the head and neck well while you sleep.

It aims to support your head while you sleep, so it will not slip while you are sleeping soundly. Easily adjustable according to head and body size.

A simple gift that will give the recipient much joy when they use it.

RFID trifold wallet (#AffiliateLink)

A very important gift for fathers who are always on the go and love to travel to other countries.

This will help them keep their cards, passports, and licenses safely tuck without the danger of it getting skimmed. They will not get their pockets picked electronically.

Its trifold pocket makes it possible for a user to carry money, credit cards, and other stuff in their wallet.

It is highly durable and will not easily rip or get damaged after a few uses.

Electronic organizer (#AffiliateLink)

An electronic organizer is an ideal companion for business trips, but even on a family vacation, this gift will count where it matters the most.

It has various pockets to make sure that there is no mess while traveling. The organizer can hold different items such as a power bank, charging adapters, external hard drive, passport, iPad Mini, Flight ticket, and many more.

It will help the user keep their things in one place so that there is no chaos inside the luggage or backpack, will also not confuse the user where to place their many cables and stuff.

Bluetooth item tracker (#AffiliateLink)

For those who miss their keys, phones, or important items that leave them looking for it half the day. For fathers who miss appointments cause they forgot where they’ve put their phone.

This is a gift that will surely be appreciated as it will help the recipient find their things faster, most especially if they are out of the country, in a hotel room perhaps, where there’s no one else to help them search.

The battery life is long so the tracker will surely be enjoyed for many years.

Travel journal (#AffiliateLink)

Every travel experience can be written in this beautiful record.

It will be appreciated and well-loved by fathers who have this as a gift from their children or partner.

Multitool pen (bottle opener, leveler, screw driver) (#AffiliateLink)

This simple looking pen goes all out with the James Bond feeling. Aside from using it as a ballpoint pen and a touchscreen stylus, it also functions as a flashlight, bottle opener, and screwdriver (amongst other things).

There is also the inclusion of an extra pen refill, so they will enjoy it for years to come.

A multipurpose and professional gift from kids to their father that will be received with joy.

Medium budget

Solar power bank (#AffiliateLink)

A solar power bank is a gadget that allows dad to be plugged-in whether he’s off the grid being adventurous or travelling for work with limited power source access.

The Qi wireless charging feature gives him fewer wires to deal with, and it can be used while using cords, the fast-charger feature, allowing for multiple devices to be charged at once. So when he’s with the family, he can take care of everyone while charging his device too. (By Katherine – The Gift Bulb)

Leather toiletry bag (#AffiliateLink)

Everybody needs a toiletry bag to bring along their bathroom basics, but nobody said it couldn’t be a stylish one!

This hanging bag comes with water-resistant lining and lots of pockets with a zipper.

Portable espresso maker (#AffiliateLink)

Sometimes it’s a difficult task to find a great coffee while travelling. That won’t be the case anymore when Dad brings this travel espresso maker along.

It’s easy to clean and comes with a protective case. Because it’s manually operated, there’s no electricity needed, which means it’s a great tool for a camping trip as well.

Leather Watch Travelling Case Roll-up Organizer (#AffiliateLink)

This is a suede leather that is soft to the touch but very durable. It is lightweight so bringing it during traveling is no issue as it will fit in the side pockets of the suitcase or traveling bag. This is a great gift idea for men who are more into traveling around the globe for business. Bringing 3 to 4 watches is now easier, and very stylish.

Cordless neck massager with heat (#AffiliateLink)

Designed to make neck massaging easier. It removes pain, tension, and stress with just a few minutes of use.

The best gift for a dad who goes on a full day meeting out of town and would like to come home to a relaxing neck massage.

This product simulates the Chinese medicine massage and will surely relax anyone who uses it. It can also provide three modes, including acupuncture, massage, and beating with fifteen intensity to choose from.

Ultra whitening electric toothbrush with travel case (#AffiliateLink)

An electric toothbrush is – admittedly – a rather practical gift, but hey, everybody needs one, so why not travel in style?

IIt will go beyond cleaning every time as it removes plaque and whitens teeth. There is also a travel case that is durable and will hold the toothbrush safely in place.

For the father who is required to be at their best around clients and who needs to always have a ready smile to greet them, this gift will surely make a mark.

Wood nightstand organizer (#AffiliateLink)

A magnificent gift for the best dad. He will surely appreciate this gift of high-quality solid wood with a multifunction design that he could bring anywhere with him, and most especially when he travels out of the country.

This cellphone stand is made of solid ash wood and has an elegant finish. It is not just a cellphone stand, but also a key holder, wallet stand, and even glasses, his watch, or documents can find their places.

It’s a great way to keep his phone near the bed and in a way that they can see who’s calling easily.

Compact binoculars (#AffiliateLink)

For fathers who love to go on adventure and travel to many countries engaging in outdoor sports, bird watching and wildlife observation, binoculars a a wonderful gift!

TIP: if you’re interested in finding the best binocular on the market, check out this guide to the best binoculars under $500.

Cordless hair and beard trimmer (#AffiliateLink)

This is a great gift for men who are often on the go.

The trimmer is cordless and highly convenient to be brought anywhere. It has fast charging capabilities, and the battery will last for a full hour.

There are different cutting lengths to choose from, and with the colored combs, there is no way to get confused about the length that is preferred.

Beard straightener (#AffiliateLink)

A beard straightener allows men to style their hair and their beard with only one brush. In just a few minutes, the user has a neat beard and well-styled hair. If the volume is what is needed to make your hair doubly presentable, this is your device to use.

There are dual settings to suit different hair textures and types.

Ease of use is also the edge of this device cause in just three minutes, hair is straightened, and there is no need for the help of hair gel or even a spray net.

Your father will surely be all smiles knowing he has his hair in place, and he’s looking so dapper.

Engraved compass (#AffiliateLink)

For dads who love to travel and explore the world, this is a fine gift to give them. The personalized engraving that is elegantly made will make them proud of the gift.

They will always find their way home, and at the same time, they will always remember who gave it to them.

Personalized passport holder (#AffiliateLink)

A passport holder made from top grain distressed leather that is highly luxurious and quite elegant. It is also durable and can withstand years of usage. It can hold a variety of items like tickets, bills, bank cards, travel documents, and not just a passport.

We know that leather gets better as it ages with every scratch and mark adding to its authentic beauty.

There are up to six characters to put your father’s initials in, or perhaps his nickname.

High(er) budget

E-reader (#AffiliateLink)

An Amazon Kindle makes a great travel gift for dads who love to read. In one compact device, he can have thousands of books at his fingertips – everything from autobiographies to sci-fi and even travel guides for his destination. A Kindle will help Dad kill the time between flights on a familiar book-sized screen and without the distractions of other mobile devices! (by Silvia – Mums Delivery)

Wolffepack summit backpack – opens without taking it off (#AffiliateLink)

Since we have twins we buy everything that makes our life easier. One of the gifts that my husband appreciated most was the Wolffepack Summit Backpack that can be rotated to the front without removing it from your shoulders.

I bought him the version designed for skiers, very useful to avoid taking off the backpack while using the chairlifts, but we soon understood its usefulness even when simply out and about with the children and so we replaced the nappy bag with it.

You know how it is when you have a crying baby in your arms and you try to reach for the bottle or tissues in your backpack like a contortionist without leaving your baby? If you recognise yourself then this backpack will make your life easier.

We continue to use the version for skiers, but the designer has also developed a version for Parents with multiple pockets to keep everything organized, you just have to choose! (By Clotilde – A princess travelling with twins)

Filtered water bottle (#AffiliateLink)

A filtered water bottle is a great gift for adventurous dads or eco travellers!

They will be able to fill their tank anywhere (on the tab, in a stream,…) as the Grayl Geopress filters any freshwater source in just 8 seconds. This is obviously great when camping, but also when traveling with kids to a destination where you can’t drink the tap water. This water bottle will prevent having to buy plural plastic bottles a day.

Cordless muscle massage gun (#AffiliateLink)

A massager that can relieve muscle pain and stiffness plus decrease soreness and improve blood circulation. There are four different shaped massage heads that can be used on the spine, the entire body, joints, and for a large muscle group. There is also a six-speed level on which the user can adjust.

A gift that will surely be appreciated because of the relief it will give in just a few seconds and minutes of use. There are also no worries about bringing it during traveling as it is cordless and very portable.

Leather crossbody bag (#AffiliateLink)

For a father who loves to be out exploring the world and who loves to travel every time he gets the chance, this sling bag will fit him perfectly.

This bag will keep all his important documents near him, and he will have an assurance that no one will be able to pick it from his luggage. He can also keep cash inside for easy access.

It is a natural textured leather bag with different pockets to separate items. There are also three color options to choose from, such as waxed brown, black, and Nubuck brown.

You can never go wrong with this gift, with its durability and sturdy manufacture.

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