Getting ready for Colombia!

As you know, we love to travel, but man, how I’d wish we could just skip the last couple of days before a trip.

And this being a rather long one (6,5 weeks!) makes it even harder than usual. We have about ten to do list spread out throughout the house varying from ‘tell the neighbours we’ll be gone’ to ‘cleaning the fridge’ and ‘brush the dogs’. You know, normal stuff.

As this time housesitters will come and take care of our furry friends (thanks Shannon & Alex!), our home has to be spick and span, which adds a lot of stress! And everyone knows that doing a lot of things really fast and having a child just doesn’t combine all that well. So, while one of us is acting like a gnome on steroids, the other one tries to keep N out of the tantrum zone.

But in just a couple of hours we’ll be on the train to Paris so we can hop on a plane to Bogota!


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