Ever since we were young we loved travelling (or at least Babs did, but Kath was a fast learner). When we met as teenagers, we started exploring the world together. Backpacking in our own country, Greece and Turkey were a great preparation for our 6-month trip through South-America (You can learn more about those first travels in our About Us-post).

But here on Mums on FlipFlops, we focus on the travels we did with our daughter – although we do count our babymoon to Thailand. We’ve visited these countries.

  • Thailand: August 2015
  • Cape verde: March 2016 (our first trip with our baby was a complete disaster – one day, we’ll tell you all about it)
  • Malaysia: August 2017
  • Colombia: November-December 2017
  • Croatia: May 2019
  • Cuba: February-March 2020
  • Belgium: This is where we live, so we get out to explore regularly – especially while doing research for our Belgian travel site.
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