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Disneyland Paris with a Toddler: The Ultimate Guide for a Visit in 2024

Disneyland Paris is a great destination for a family vacation, especially if you have young children. There are plenty of attractions and activities to keep kids of all ages entertained. However, traveling with a toddler can be challenging, so it’s important to come prepared.

In this blog post, we will provide tips for making the most of your trip to Disneyland Paris with a toddler.

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Planning Your Trip

We learned the hard way that planning your trip to Disneyland Paris is handy, even necessary. It honestly felt like it was our first trip together because of all of the stress we had.

We booked our tickets to the park and the Santa Fe hotel with meals included in advance, and we thought that was enough. Apparently, it’s best to book your restaurant at the same time as your tickets (months in advance), because 2 days before leaving we noticed that the restaurants in the park (where you can use your meal pass) were full.

In our case we needed to get from Belgium to Paris (France), easy just take our car to the train station and then the train to Paris. Apparently, it is also necessary to book your parking ticket in advance.

So with this experience in mind, let us go back and see how we could’ve planned the trip better!


One of the most important things to do when planning a trip to Disneyland Paris with a toddler is to purchase tickets in advance. This will allow you to avoid long lines at the ticket counter and make the most of your time at the park.

You should also consider staying at one of the on-site hotels, as this will give you access to extra perks, such as early entry into the park, which is called the magic hour. This sounded great when we read it online, but we never made a magic hour because we eat breakfast like turtles. Except for our toddler, who loved to smash his food instead of eating it.

The good thing about traveling with a baby or toddler is you are not obliged to go during school holidays or weekends. Which normally means fewer people in the park, and even some better deals on hotels are possible.

There are also transport options if you’re a resident of Paris or a tourist who doesn’t know the way around Paris. You can book a shuttle transfer to/from Orly Airport and Disneyland Paris or transfer to/from CDG Airport. Book a Disneyland Paris day ticket with included transport from Central Paris.

One-day tickets or stay on site

Of course, you can also visit Disneyland Paris for just one day. But if you do, make sure to go on a weekday during the low season. The queues for the most popular attractions can be really long, and Disneyland Paris is not really set up for people who are only there for one day.

There are more than 50 attractions in Disneyland Paris, and it’s almost impossible to experience them in just a day. A Multi-Day Pass will let you experience all these attractions in 2 or 3 or even 4 consecutive days!

It’s better to stay on-site (like we did), so you can take advantage of the extra hour in the morning that hotel guests get. That way you can avoid the queues and have a more relaxed day. And traveling with smaller kids may be a bit much to see everything in one day.

We were lucky to be able to stay for three days, but it is a huge budget difference to make it on one day trip!

There is also a huge range in the prices of hotels. It all depends on how much luxury you want and how close to the park you want to be.

In total, there are 7 Disney hotels to choose from.

#1 Disneyhotel

The Disneyhotel is the closest to the park but is closed at the moment because of renovations. This is the most expensive hotel in Disneyland Paris but it has a really luxurious feeling that comes with it. And being so close to the park also means you miss one security check before entering the park.

#2 Newport Bay Club (4 stars)

View over Newport Bay Club

The Newport Bay Club Hotel is located next to lake Disney. It’s only a 15-minute walk or a few minutes on the free shuttle to the park.

The hotel has an in- and outdoor swimming pool. And in the lobby, you will be able to meet some of the Disney Characters.

Check Prices and Availability for 2023 Here

#3 Hotel New York – The art of Marvel (4 stars)

Little Elf in front of New York Hotel

Welcome to New York, the city of superheroes! In this hotel, you will find the biggest Marvel art collection in the World. At the Marvel Hero Photo Station, you can enjoy an immersive photo experience or go to the Marvel Design Studio with your little one, where they can create their own Marvel masterpiece. Not only will you find heated indoor and outdoor pools, but a kid’s pool and hot tub as well in an amazing New York setting.

Check Prices and Availability for 2023 Here

#4 Sequoia Lodge (3 stars)

Sequoia Lodge has a cozy forest-lodge style, even with bambi – themed rooms. It’s only a 15-minute walk to the Disney parks

The two heated pools at the park are perfect for water lovers of all ages, and the kids’ corner, with its cartoons and video games, is sure to keep your little ones entertained. Meet up with one of the Disney characters in the lobby!

Check Prices and Availability for 2023 Here

#5 Hotel Cheyenne (3 stars)

Chuck O’ Wagon at Hotel Cheyenne

This hotel will make you feel like you’re in the wild west, and it’s only a 20-minute walk or a few minutes on the free shuttle to get to the park. The Toy Story-themed rooms fit perfectly in the Wild West feeling.

Grab a selfie with Woody or Jessie, or stop by the indoor play area. Make sure you check out the outdoor play forts and covered wagons.

If we ever go back to Disneyland Paris, for sure, we are going to stay at this hotel because we feel this is the best go-to budget place for kids.

Check Prices and Availability for 2023 Here

#6 Hotel Santa Fe (2 stars)

Hotel Santa Fe has an American SoutWest style with Cars-themed rooms. When you know Disney, they go above and beyond to make sure that even the smallest details fit the theme or help set the atmosphere.

The hotel is a 20-minute walk or a few minutes on the free shuttle to get to the park. It has an outdoor play area and a small indoor play area at the restaurant.

This would be our second choice if we had to go back on a budget.

Check Prices and Availability for 2023 Here

#7 Davy Crockett Ranch

The Davy Crockett Ranch provides Pioneer-style cabins in a natural setting. This hotel is the furthest away from the Parks. You have to drive for 15 minutes, and there are no shuttle buses available.

At the Ranch, you can choose to go to the Blue springs pool (a heated indoor oasis complete with waterfalls, rivers, and whirlpools), play tennis indoors or mini golf outdoors, take a chance at the Lucky Raccoon arcade or go on an adventure at the outdoor play area.

No need to say this is the super budget option at Disneyland Paris, but if you have your own car and like the outdoors, this might be the perfect combination for your family!

Check Prices and Availability for 2023 Here

Meal plan and Extra Magic Time

You can book your Meal plan online together with your holiday package. If you don’t do this in advance, you may not be able to get a table at the restaurants in the park.

You can choose between different meal plans: breakfast only, half board, and full board. You choose the restaurants in the park (if you are fast) or at all the hotels. Depending on the restaurant, you can choose from all-you-can-eat buffets, table service with specialized menus, and quick-service restaurants.

Normally the parks open at 9h30, and you can access them with your Magic Pass. But if you stay longer than one day, you can access the parks 1 hour earlier thanks to the Extra Magic Time.

Baby – Toddler essentials

Another important tip for planning your trip is to make sure you pack all of the essentials for your toddler, such as diapers, wipes, and snacks. Don’t worry if you forgot anything you can always make a stop at a Disney Baby Care Centres or the Disney Hotel shops. Disneyland Paris has two Baby Care Centres at both Disneyland Park and The Walt Disney Studios Park.

It’s also a good idea to bring along a stroller or carrier, as this will make it easier to get around the park. You can rent a stroller at the park, but that will cost you €25 per day. The stroller can also be used for bigger kids (not just babies) and does have 2 handles at the back where you can hang your bags, but has no storage underneath.

baby on a stroller, stroller is a must when you visit Disneyland Paris with a toddler

You can’t take your stroller in the waiting lines of the attraction, you need to park them in front. So a baby/toddler carrier is very useful!

Getting on the buses to and from the park with a stroller isn’t always possible because the buses can get crowded really fast. You can try folding your buggy or just go on foot and enjoy the walk back to your hotel.

Extra tip: always bring snacks; there is nothing worse than hangry kids or hangry parents!

Extra extra tip: Always take a backpack with diapers and water with you. Because if you are waiting in a queue for 45 minutes and suddenly your toddler needs a new diaper or has a little accident, you don’t have to leave and start all over!

Parks in Disneyland Paris

There are 2 parks in Disneyland Paris: The Walt Disney Studios Park and Disneyland park. Both parks are great for toddlers, but if you only have one day, I would recommend Disneyland Park. This is the original park and has all of the classic Disney rides that your toddler will love.

If you can stay for more than 1 day, make sure to try and check out both parks. They are well worth it!

When you still have time to plan some more, check out the possible best attractions for your family. What are the must-go-to rides? Even take a little step further and make a list of what you want to do first.

Disneyland Paris App

The Disneyland Paris app is great to have on your phone. You can check the wait times for the rides, see where the character greetings are, and make dining reservations.

The app will also come in handy when you want to take a break from the parks and explore some of the other activities that Disneyland Paris has to offer. It will also show which attractions are closed or when they will open.


Thanks to our smallest family member, we headed down to the hotel room in the afternoon to give him a well-needed nap and everyone a little break. We had some downtime to rest, relax and recharge our batteries for the next day.

But there are other options as well: take a stroll through one of the Disney villages, explore Downtown Disney or visit one of the two Disneyland parks again!

In the evening, we went back to Disneyland park to watch the Disneyland Paris fireworks. It was spectacular!

Best Disneyland Paris attractions for toddlers and families

Another plus is you avoid the busiest at the park; we found that in the evening, you have fewer people and less waiting time at the attractions.

Disneyland park Casey Jr. Circus Train

Is a great first ride for toddlers at Disneyland Paris. The train takes you through a storybook land that is filled with classic Disney characters.

Disneyland park Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast [bring a headphone! it’s loud and kinda scary]

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast is another great ride for toddlers and families. You can blast aliens with laser guns and compete with your family to see who can get the high score.

Disneyland park Storybook Canal boat

The Storybook Canal Boat Ride is a slow-moving boat ride that takes you through scenes from classic Disney movies. This is a great ride for toddlers and young children who want to see their favorite Disney characters.

Disneyland park Dumbo the Flying Elephant

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a timeless classic that your toddler will love. They can fly high in the sky on their very own elephant.

Disneyland park Mad Hatter’s tea cups

The Mad Hatter’s tea cups are a spinning ride that is perfect for toddlers. They can spin around as fast or as slow as they want in their own tea cup.

Disneyland park Small World

Small World is a slow-moving boat ride that takes you through the different countries of the world. This is a great ride for toddlers who want to see different cultures and learn about the world.

Disneyland park Autopia

Autopia is a car-driving ride that is perfect for toddlers who love cars. They can drive their own car around the track.

Disneyland Park Peter Pan’s flight

After boarding a flying pirate ship, you’re taken on an exhilarating journey over the rooftops of London to Never Never Land, where you’ll see scenes from the classic story.

Disneyland Park Caroussel of Lancelot

Just behind Disney Castle, you will find the Caroussel. Take a ride on one of the horses with some Disney songs in the background. Usually, the queue for this attraction isn’t long.

Disneyland park parade

The parade is a great way to see all of the different Disney characters. The parade goes through the park and ends with a show at the castle.

Walt Disney Park Toy Story Parachute Drop

This attraction is located in Toy Story Land and is perfect for toddlers who love Buzz Lightyear. They can drop down from above on a parachute.

Walt Disney Park Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a 4D ride that takes you through the world of the movie Ratatouille. This is a great ride for toddlers who love the movie Ratatouille.

Walt Disney Park Shows

There are a few must-see shows at Disneyland Paris that are great for families. Here is a list of our favorites:

Disneyland Park Mickey and the Magician

Mickey and the Magician is a 30-minute show that is perfect for families. It is a live show with music, dancing, and special effects.

Disneyland Park Frozen: A Musical Spectacular

Frozen: A Musical Spectacular is a 25-minute show that is perfect for families. It is a live show with music, dancing, and special effects.

Disneyland Park The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands is a 25-minute show that is perfect for families. It is a live show with music, dancing, and special effects.

Disneyland Park Disney Dreams!

Disney Dreams! Is a nighttime show that is perfect for families. It is a live show with music, dancing, and special effects.


Fast pass

If you don’t want to stand in line, you can buy a fast pass which will give you access to the Fast lane and let you go to the attraction with almost no waiting.

The full name is Disney Premier access, where you can choose between the Ultimate or the Premier one.

The Premier One access is only valid one time on 1 attraction. You get an allocated time slot to join the fast lane. You can buy this access pass through the app or in the Parks.

The Ultimate access pass is usable 1 time on each available attraction (not all the attractions are possible to use Premier Access).

You have no time slots, so you can join the fast lane whenever you want. Possible to buy the Ultimate Access Pass online in advance, in the app, or at the Parks.

Dinner with Disney Characters

Little Elf meeting Goofy!

At Auberge de Cendrillon Or Plaza Gardens, you can have dinner with one or several Disney Characters. Like a lot in Disneyland, nothing comes for free. You can book a dinner with Disney Characters online or through the app.

If you booked the meal plan, one dinner is included in the price, but hurry because these restaurants need to be booked as soon as you can (2 months before you arrive).

Food Allergies

Because of our baby, who is allergic to lots of foods, including egg, gluten-free, and lactose-free. This was the first trip we went on, where we had to check the food in restaurants for three meals a day.

We were a bit worried but at the hotel Sante Fé they were very helpful. They have a breakfast and dinner buffet, which will help you to have more options to choose from. We asked the waiter what we could eat, and showed us all the food we could and couldn’t eat.

The next day there were a few other things on the menu, and we asked the chef. Some foods we ate the day before weren’t fine at all. So best to ask the chef himself!

Shopping service

Shop before 3 p.m., and you can retrieve your purchases from the boutique when you leave at 6 p.m. Or, they can deliver them to your Disney hotel for free!


Disneyland Paris is a great place to visit with your family. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained, from live shows to Fast Pass access to dining with Disney Characters.

If you’re traveling with young children, be sure to take advantage of the many amenities and services available to make your trip as smooth as possible. With a lot of planning, you’re sure to have a magical time.

Bon voyage!

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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