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The Best Colombia 2 week Itinerary With over 15 destinations

We stayed in Colombia for a long time, and it was one of the best decisions we ever made. So we squeezed our extended travel plan into a Colombia 2 week itinerary giving you a new, exhilarating, and relaxing experience every day! Read our ultimate suggestions below if you are out for a honeymoon, backpacking in Colombia, or want a short break from work with friends. If you love our family travels from CubaMalaysia, and Thailand, you can also look at our Colombia with kids travel guide.

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Booming city life, appetizing gastronomy, and exceptional museums with sunlit beaches, extreme sports, and adventurous hike and bike tours make Colombia one of the most diverse backpackers’ destinations! One day, you’re taking a tour of the finest artifacts at Museo de Oro, and then the next, you’ll be splashing around after having rappelled down the Cascada Juan Curi, one of the highest waterfalls in the country.

If you’re looking for a tropical paradise, and urban innovation all in one country, then Colombia is just the holiday you’re thinking of. With so many locations and endeavors to choose from, you can easily select the best locations you’d deem suitable to your needs and preferences. This is especially true should you consider bringing the kiddos along.

WHY A Colombia 2 week Itinerary?

Colombia is a large and culturally diverse country with countless destinations, and each of them gives you a unique experience. Like us, you’ll be surprised by how different one location is from another! Although two weeks is still not ample time to go through all of Colombia’s wonders, it’s more than enough to pace yourself in getting the bigger picture of this idyllic haven.


Trust us—you can’t go wrong with having an 2 week itinerary Colombia or at least a good idea of where you’ll be going and staying on a daily basis. Having said that, why not just go with the former and secure the trip you’ve waited for so long?

This 2 weeks in Colombia itinerary will give you a detailed plan of how you can experience Colombia’s top destinations with the least hassle. Based on our experience, you’ll waste less time traveling between locations, giving you more freedom to savor every second of your well-earned vacation to Colombia. So, take it from those who already enjoyed the country’s best, and read on!


What best time to visit Colombia? You can enjoy a trip to Colombia any time of the year, but considering that the weather tends to be drier from December to March, this is the best time to visit the country. It’s a given that you’ll generally spend a lot of time outdoors. Nevertheless, you’re likely going to need a raincoat or umbrella on some days, so make sure to be prepared for that!


To get started, you simply have to pore over the Colombia itinerary 2 weeks and get a clear picture of what an ideal two-week trip to Colombia would be like!

But before doing anything else, we recommend that you focus on getting a good grasp of what you’re expecting so you’ll know where you actually want to go after reading. You don’t have to worry about being restricted by our 2 weeks Colombia plan because you can always adjust the details to fit your wants and needs.


We’ll start our 2 weeks in Colombia out in Bogotá—the most diverse, sprawling capital—followed by a trip to Medellín, an urban spectacle named the world’s most innovative city. As the third-largest coffee producer worldwide, the Coffee Region is a great addition to your vacation, which will then be punctuated by five days in the vastness of the Caribbean Coast.


Upon arriving, you should head straight for La Candelaria, the old city neighborhood that lies at the heart of Bogotá. Start your 2 week Colombia itinerary with feasting your eyes on notable marvels within the city. The colonial-era architecture and historic design give the district a timeless atmosphere, but you’ll still feel right at home! Many have described La Candelaria as “eclectic” given the neoclassical and modern vibes.

A graffiti in La Candelária

After resting for a bit at your accommodation, it’s best to immediately start the 2 weeks Colombia itinerary journey off with the free walking tour away from the notorious city traffic or graffiti tour in La Candelária. The tour Colombia activity takes around two hours, but it’s worth every minute as you get to explore the capital and go through the famous Plaza de Bolivar.


Begin the morning with a tour of the huge Paloquemao Fruit Market where fresh, fascinating products (not only fruits and veggies) can be sampled. Try out the Lulo fruit and some lechona tolimense, a signature roast pork delicacy. After a nice meal, go bargain shopping at the Usaquén Flea Market. Test your haggling skills and take some great souvenirs home at a low price!

Take a ride to Museo Botero and Museo del Oro later and view some of Colombia’s finest artifacts and internationally recognized art collections. Around 10 minutes from the museums, you’ll find the path (if you plan on walking) to the summit of the glorious Mount Monserrate. Just make sure that you get there before 1 PM as it closes within the hour. Otherwise, you can take the cable car or funicular for more convenience.

Enjoy eating in the restaurants at the top and view the breathtaking sunset from the gardens or plaza. There, you can also find boutiques, the Well of Wishes, and the holy monument of Señor Caído where miracles are said to have occurred!


For under twenty dollars, you’ll be given a full tour of the Zipaquira salt cathedral—a Roman Catholic Church entirely carved from salt 600 feet in the underground mines! Deemed the first wonder of Colombia, the salt deposits used in creating it are more than 200 million years old. This religious temple is an elegant testament to architectural prowess, and the lighting effects projected inside make it all the more mystical.

inside view of the Salt Cathedral
A view inside the Salt Cathedral

After a day of artistic exploration, it’s time to venture more into the gustatory delights and the prime nightlife! The district of Zona Rosa is a fine way to begin the evening as you’ll find top-tier restaurants and bars within the area. Savor both local and international delicacies, and then chill at a nearby café or have a few drinks and enjoy the night and get free drinks at a bar or disco during a Pub Crawl. If you’re coming with your friends, you can immerse with any tourist in Colombia in a Party Bus at Zona Rosa.


Once plagued by a controversial past, but now known as the world’s Most Innovative City and the City of Eternal Spring, the capital of Medellín is definitely beyond being a simple tourist attraction. So before you head to city, we suggest your get the Medellín City Card to get 10% and other free entrance to the various activities and sights in the country.

El Poblado is a great choice of stay as the neighborhood includes some of the most comfortable and safest accommodation spaces. There are so many accommodations to choose from. You can go for a cheaper yet near to the center like the Casa Clandestina or splurge a little with a great deal at the Patio del Mundo.

Discover more about the transformational significance of the capital through the Communa 13 and graffiti walking tour, where the area is well-known for its colorful architecture and progressive street art that gives a glimpse of history. Museum tours are also a must when in Medellín but budget can be hurdle. We found the Medellín City Card: Museums to be a great option. Too bad we haven’t get a hold of it before heading here. We could’ve saved a lot, so get it first before your trip!

Thankfully, there are several cafes and restaurants across El Poblado, so you can always have a break anytime and take a bite of some authentic Colombian delicacies. Try Cafe Zorba, El Cielo, or Hacienda!


A trip to the town of Guatapé calls for a jam-packed day filled with a diverse range of rather rambunctious activities. Once home to the infamous Pablo Escobar, you can have a paintball war and tour at one of his abandoned mansions (just make an arrangement with a local hotel or hostel operators)! Take pictures with the town’s famous zocalos—interesting, hand-painted designs on buildings that tell a story, and have lunch at the lakeside.

The El Peñol Rock

And of course, the one thing you can’t miss out on if you’re up to the challenge: climbing the El Peñol Rock and visiting Guatapé Lake on a boat! The summit rewards you with a marvelous, panoramic view of the town’s surroundings. After 800 steps in warm weather, you’re definitely going to want some ice cream that’s readily served at the top for your proud efforts. You can then relax and chit-chat with the locals at a lakeside bar after the climb, or you can go for more adventures such as kayaking, jet-skiing, or swimming in a nearby waterfall or lake!


Hopefully, you got a good night’s rest after Guatapé because the free tour of downtown Medellín starts at 10 AM! The tour takes around three hours, so make sure you’ve had your fill. It’s an especially exciting endeavor if you’re enthusiastic about learning more about their lifestyle from the locals’ point of view.

Stroll through Plaza Botero in front of Museo de Antioquia where you can find a collection of art reminiscent of the region’s past. You can also visit El Acontista to hear some live music, or you can go to La Pascasia from Wednesday to Saturday for more artsy undertakings such as live poetry, dance, and film.


The Coffee Capital of Colombia, Salento is home to the famous Cocora Valley, Calle Real, and a multitude of coffee plantations as well. During the day, you can play Tejo, Colombia’s national sport, and visit the picture-perfect shopping district of Calle Real. You can get good deals on local products at shops along the entire street. 

Around half an hour from Salento by bus, Filandia is less of a tourist destination and is ideal for those looking for a more authentic experience. The humble vibes, elegant architecture, and excellent coffee make for a great day trip. For one of those best sights and pictures, the Mirador Colina Iluminada Viewpoint is the tallest attraction in town!


To get to the incredible Cocora Valley, ride a Willy (jeepney) in the morning to the park entrance. Sign up for a Cocora Valley and Coffee Farm Day Tour to experience the natural beauty and enjoy a coffee farm experience. Aside from the spectacular palm trees and lush greenery, you can also visit Acaime, a hummingbird reserve where you can also have a snack or drink.

It’s recommended though that you also bring your own snack as the long hike doesn’t present many restaurants or eateries along the way. The forests and meadows are absolutely gorgeous as well! If you plan backpacking Colombia alone, we suggest taking some food and water with you to keep yourself hydrated!

After the hike in the valley, it’s time to visit a coffee farm and find out exactly how the freshest brews are made! In Finca El Ocasa, one of the most visited coffee farms in Salento, the tour lasts around two to three hours as you’ll be taken through the entire process, which will end with a fresh cup of coffee straight from the farm.


The historic city of Cartagena will make you feel that you’ve traveled back in time to the olden days. It is a must visit city to go to in our travel blog Colombia for two weeks traveling. The mystic atmosphere, impressive cultural heritage, and exquisite cuisine are a few of what you’d expect from this colonial marvel! A Cartagena History and Culture Private Walking Tour is available for you to go through some of its iconic landmarks such as the Teatro Adolfo Mejía, Castillo de San Felipe, and its World Heritage Site.

San Diego is a nice neighborhood to find accommodation in the Walled City as it’s safe and nearby most local attractions. Among these accommodations is the affordable ETHNIC Thematic Hotel that boasts vibrant walls and also minutes away from the Marbella Beach. Las Bovedas, Plaza Fernandez de Madrid and restaurants such as El Santisimo are all within reach.


On Day 10, it’s finally time for a change of pace as you splash around under the heat while sipping on cocktails! The tropical waters and white, sandy shores of the Rosario & Baru Islands are the beach experience that every tourist can expect, yet given that most are privatized islands, you can expect a smaller crowd than usual.

If you’re particularly interested in the biodiversity of aquatic species within the region, the Oceanarium is your best bet. Swim or dive in the largest coral reef formation that make up this magnificent archipelago, and you can even go island-hopping as each has its own perks and quirks that you might find appealing!


Museo del Oro Tairona and Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino are the two sites that give you a glimpse of the locals’ artistic language and cultural heritage, while Playa Rodadero and Playa Blanca are two famous beaches where you can have a refreshing, exciting time. Take note that since Playa Rodadero is beautiful and quite well-known, you can expect bigger crowds, especially when it’s party time!

Santa Marta is recognized as a world heritage site with its unique ecosystem and well-preserved culture. Ciudad Perdida or the Lost City in the surrounding mountains is a testament to such culture. Make sure you’ve got a lot of energy reserved, for the six-day trek is one of the most difficult there could be (by anyone’s standards)!


Near Santa Marta, tubing in the Palomino river is the top endeavor for practically every tourist who’s made it there. Don’t know what tubing is? It’s a great pastime where you get to float down a river in an inflatable tube as you get to observe nature at its finest! Make sure to bring sunscreen and a camera dry bag if you own one because the sun is set to shine in the afternoon.

The Palomino river

Waterfall rappelling and surfing lessons are great ideas to enjoy Palomino to the fullest. Plus, most activities and tours are a part of the sustainable tourism program of the region, so you’re sure to be helping out the economy and environment every time you try them out in the first place.


As you near the end of your journey, you’ll be scouting the vastness of Santa Maria’s crown jewel that is Tayrona National Park. With its amazing biodiversity, expansive wilderness, and wonderful waters such as the Cabo San Juan mirrored beaches, you can have one of the most authentic experiences in releasing your inner explorer!

beachside view of tayrona national park
The Tayrona National Park

The park is home to a lot of beaches where you may or may not be allowed to swim. You can take a hike and beach day inside Tayrona National Park. Just make sure to ask the locals before you get in the beautiful waters! The El Pueblito ruins can be found deep in the jungle, and the hike to it is another challenge for perhaps only the fittest of individuals. Lastly, enjoy your last sunset in Colombia, and don’t forget to take the perfect photo opportunity as the sun sinks in the background.


With the urban attractions and innovation of Bogotá and Medellín, the adventures in Guatape, the exquisite cultural appeal of the Coffee Region, and the tropical paradise that is the Caribbean Coast, the departure from Cartagena will be the conclusion to a comprehensive, well-rounded trip that shows you the different faces of Colombia!


For those with ample time and extraordinarily itchy feet, you might want to squeeze in a few of these other options in your Colombia 2 weeks itinerary. As the old adage goes, the more, the merrier!


Literally translating to “garden,” Jardin is a floral marvel that looks like it came out of a fairytale. Lush sceneries, beautiful gardens, and wondrous hikes are a few things you’d expect from the hidden gem of Colombia. As it’s part of the Coffee Triangle, you have to visit Cafe Jardin and take a whiff of some of the world’s finest brews. You can stay at ecolodges right in the middle of nature for a highly authentic experience and even discover hidden waterfalls such as Cueva Del Esplendor!


For adrenaline junkies and sporty tourists, San Gil is your best bet in getting the adventurous fix you seek! The diverse landscape embellished with rivers, mountains, and canyons practically makes any sport possible. Just remember to watch after your children because the activities here are more on the extreme side—paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, and bungee jumping are a few examples. Cascada Juan Curi, a waterfall almost 200 meters high, is also open for rappelling.


Near Tayrona National Park, you’ll find Costeño Beach, which takes about an hour to get to if you’re riding via bus from Santa Marta. You can go horseback riding on the beach and take a tour! There are also surfing lessons, river tubing at El Buritica, full-body massages, and yoga sessions. If you’re lucky, you can stumble upon an evening beach party with the locals that take place every now and then.

Final Thoughts

Did you love our two week Colombia itinerary? Use this Colombia travel blog as a guide to an easy Colombia trip, Colombia backpacking route, and other itinerary for Colombia activities. We might have missed some of your favorites, so share the activities you want to do or the experiences you want to try in the comments!

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Babs Rodrigus is the co-founder and main writer of Mums on FlipFlops . She is absolutely crazy about traveling – especially together with her wife and kids. Babs loves animals, chocolate (what did you expect from a Belgian?), reading, and writing.


Babs Rodrigus is the co-founder and main writer of Mums on FlipFlops . She is absolutely crazy about traveling – especially together with her wife and kids. Babs loves animals, chocolate (what did you expect from a Belgian?), reading, and writing.

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