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57 Travel Gifts for Teens that they will absolutely love (2023)

Buying awesome gifts for teenagers might not be the easiest thing to do, however, when that teen is into traveling, there are a whole new world opening up.

We’ve selected the best travel gifts for teens that will spark their wanderlust!

If you are searching the web for Christmas gift ideas for teens, scroll down and find the ultimate list of cool travel gifts. 

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Top 3 most popular travel gifts for teens

The best travel accessories for teenagers

Passport holder (#AffiliateLink)

A passport cover is a perfect present for a teenager who loves to travel.

It looks great while it’s still a practical travel gift for teenage girls and any teen as it offers protection for your most important document.

Fuel their wanderlust, and let the adventure begin with meaningful travel accessory gifts!

Luggage tags (#AffiliateLink)

Searching for fun travel gifts? Adding a splash of personality to your luggage is not only entertaining but also useful as well when searching for your suitcase.

Get into an instant summer mood with these funky tags as your teen travel gifts.

You can also add this to your goodie bag ideas for teens!

Collapsible water bottle (#AffiliateLink)

This is one of our most popular travel accessories for teens!

Buying a couple of plastic bottles a day doesn’t line up with that.

So bring some awareness to young minds through the best summer gifts for teens.

Buying a couple of plastic bottles a day doesn’t line up with that.

So bring some awareness to young minds through the best summer gifts for teens.

Buy your teenager a collapsible water bottle as a travel gift for teenagers that they can take everywhere!

An added bonus if you buy this bottle: it will help rescue dolphins too!

TIP: buying a filtered water bottle is a great idea too! Check out this in-depth guide to the best filtered water bottles

Toiletry bag (#AffiliateLink)

A toiletry bag is a need when traveling, but hey, nobody said it couldn’t look cute!

This is one of the travel gifts for teenagers you want to add to your cart now to let them experience the best travel for teens.

Packing cubes (#AffiliateLink)

Packing cubes are such a handy tool when packing a suitcase or backpack!

These gifts for teenage travelers keep your clothes and accessories organized while they double as compression bags and thus give you more room to bring back souvenirs.

It’s one of the best travel accessories for tweens who love to get a memento from their travels.

Flip Flops (#AffiliateLink)

If you’re wondering what to bring to the beach for items, hardly any traveler will leave home without a pair of flip-flops.

They’re practical beach gifts that are great for a stroll around the beach or use in a shared bathroom.

For those teens that don’t like the feel of a regular flipflop.

These Crocs upgrade the concept and will add to the comfort of the wearer.

Travel passport wallet (#AffiliateLink)

Bringing a travel passport wallet is a great way to keep all your documents together.

Encourage your teen to take care of their important documents because those are the teen travel accessories you should safeguard most when on a trip.

Getting a passport wallet as one of your travel gifts for teenager can be a great item to help them organize their files.

Don’t forget to pick one with Rfid-block to prevent copying of credit cards.

Neck pillow (#AffiliateLink)

We all would like to get some sleep when traveling on a plane, bus or train and teenagers are no different.

Gift them a good night of sleep by giving them a comfy neck pillow.

You can also send this to your sons and daughters who are a little bit older as one of your travel gifts for your adults.

TIP: Read more on travel pillows in this post.

International travel adapter (#AffiliateLink)

What teenager doesn’t need an adapter to charge their electronic devices?

This is one of the teenage girl travel essentials that have a great combination of USB sloths in combination with a universal socket that can be used in over 150 countries.

It’s one of the travel essentials for teens you must add to your list today.

Travel jewelry case (#AffiliateLink)

Any jewellery-loving teen will know how annoying it is to try to put your accessories into your toilet bag.

They will either get the travel accessories for a teenage girl or any teen lost or broken.

There are many types of jewelry bags for travel purposes, but we especially like this rolling one.

It takes up little space and each compartment is see-through and can be closed with a zipper.

Multipurpose backpack (#AffiliateLink)

When traveling, you sure need a backpack.

But these trendy backpacks are the best gifts for teens that serve multiple purposes.

They can be used for travel, but they can take it to school or spare time activities.

The carry-on for teenage girls is available in a couple of wonderful colors!

Camping Hammock (#AffiliateLink)

These extra soft but super strong nylon camping hammock makes for a unique gift for teens.

Tree straps and carabiners are included and the super lightweight hammock folds down to the size of a grapefruit for transport.

It’s a great gift for camping trips with their friends or if they prefer to have their own space on a family camping holiday.

Hip bag / Fanny pack (#AffiliateLink)

It’s comeback time for the fanny packs as cool gifts for teens!

This hip bag is tied around the waist and is super useful when you want to transport your wallet and phone without having to bring a purse.

Tote bag (#AffiliateLink)

A canvas bag is a great gift for a teenager, whether they use it at home (for school!) or while traveling.

The possibilities are endless, so have fun choosing the bag with that perfect travel quote.

Bandana scarf (#AffiliateLink)

This headband also features as a scarf or helmet liner and is stretchable and dries quickly.

It is the perfect companion on many occasions, whether your teen likes hiking, fishing, yoga, extreme sports or just partying.

Available in an abundance of colors, each package consists of 6 different pieces.

Travel makeup bag (#AffiliateLink)

Are you looking for gift ideas for teenager items you can get for your teens who love to use makeup?

A compact makeup bag is a great travel accessory for a teen girl.

This one is pretty as well as useful with its 7 pockets and draw string.

Leakproof silicone travel bottles (in a cute design) (#AffiliateLink)

Silicone travel bottles are a must-have, whether your teenager is flying carry-on or not!

They take up very little space and they’re easy to use.

Pick a cute design for extra fun.

Samsonite Travel Luggage (#AffiliateLink)

Who says suitcase, says Samsonite. This is a popular brand, but will not disappoint!

You can add this to your list of Christmas gifts for young adults and teens.

We choose this one, the carry-on luggage with spinners.

Check out the different colors!

Reusable Face Masks (#AffiliateLink)

Yes, 2020 was the year when face masks entered the gift lists.

But it doesn’t need to be all sad, why not buy some funny reusable face masks for your teens?

To Go Ware Bamboo travel utensils (#AffiliateLink)

Finally, a bamboo utensil set! Perfect for your fancy lunches in national parks, or eating a spaghetti on to go in Italy Rome.

The utensil set is one of the things to buy on Amazon teenage girl and boy can use for their travel meal.

Travel quote T-shirt (#AffiliateLink)

Really cool quotes on really awesome t-shirts!

It also works as an excellent gift for vacation.

Necklace chain ‘find your way’ (#AffiliateLink)

Give your teen that extra push to go and explore this beautiful world with this cool chain!

It’s the perfect addition to your travel goodie bags for teens.

Vantic Reusable Collapsible Straws (#AffiliateLink)

How cool are these foldable, reusable straws? Goodbye, plastic ones!

It’s one of the great gifts for teens you can give for travel and everyday use.

The best electronic gifts for teens who love travel

Lens kit for smartphone (#AffiliateLink)

This is the most popular item on this list!

Small travel gifts are perfect presents for people who travel, especially when they travel carry-on only.

A lens kit for your smartphone is small and might be just one of the coolest gifts for traveling teens!

You just clip them onto the smartphone and you’re able to snap pictures with a macro or wide-angle lens. 

Action Camera (#AffiliateLink)

An action cam is a great way for your teen to record their adventures, whether they are on a bike, skis or under water.

It’s one of the coolest teenage things to buy on Amazon today!

Instant photo printer (#AffiliateLink)

Whether you are searching for awesome travel gifts or simply some cool tech gifts for teens, this instant photo printer will apply to all.

Sharing your holiday pictures on social media is nice, but instantly printing your snapshots brings a whole new meaning to fun!

This device is about the size of a smartphone and is a great way to make everlasting memories with new friends.

Drone (#AffiliateLink)

A drone is such a cool gift for teenagers!

When traveling they can use the travel toys for teens to take wonderful videos and pictures of their surroundings and it provides a lot of fun as well!

Headphones (#AffiliateLink)

Headphones make for a great gift for a teenager especially one that loves traveling.

Every teen needs a moment for themselves, whether that’s passing the time with a movie or just chilling with some music.

Popsocket (#AffiliateLink)

Popsockets are trending! It’s one of the top Amazon teen girl gifts for travel and everyday use.

You can attach them to your smartphone, which will allow your teen to snap better photos, watch movies hands-free or will break the fall of their smartphone.

Instant digital camera (#AffiliateLink)

An instant camera will give your teenage boy or girl hours of fun taking pictures, editing them, printing them immediately, and even having fun afterward with stickers and frames.

Tablet case (#AffiliateLink)

Electronics are an important part of modern life, especially for teenagers and travelers.

You can’t go wrong by buying a fancy cover for their tablet.

Nintendo Switch Lite (#AffiliateLink)

Gaming is a popular teenage activity, so if you’re wondering what to bring on a plane for a teenager, the Nintendo Switch Lite is a great choice.

It’s small enough to easily tuck into a backpack and it’s fun enough to entertain a teen for hours on end.

Don’t forget the accompanying travel carry case. Check it out here!

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker (#AffiliateLink)

Kids love music, so buying your teen a portable bluetooth speaker is a guaranteed success.

Choosing a waterproof one makes it one of the best accessories for teenagers because they will be able to take it into the shower with them or bring it to the pool or beach.

Electric scooter (#AffiliateLink)

An electric scooter is such a great way for your teenager to transport themselves when they’re on a trip.

But they’ll like it just as much at home!

Make sure to pick one that folds down small.

This way it is easy to transport or even put on in a suitcase.

Tripod for smartphone (#AffiliateLink)

This sturdy, bending tripod is a great tool for taking pictures.

Thanks to the remote control, you can take shots up to 30 feet away.

This is perfect for selfies, group pictures, and steady shots.

Bluetooth earphones (#AffiliateLink)

Instead of the bigger headphones set, some teens will prefer small wireless earphones.

They can use them on the bus, plane, for workouts or just for chilling/gaming.

Smartphone Ring Holder (#AffiliateLink)

This is a great travel accessory for girls and boys who love watching movies on their smart phone.

No more holding them the entire time! Include this in your gift bag for teens and make it convenient for them to carry their devices.

E-reader (#AffiliateLink)

Bringing a couple of books will get too heavy to be fun, so get your teenager an e-reader that they can bring along for some reading fun.

This Kindle is waterproof and comes with a built-in adjustable light, so they can read anytime they want.

Mirrorless digital camera (#AffiliateLink)

At this age, most teenagers can be trusted with more expensive materials.

By giving them a decent digital camera, an aspiring photographer can develop their skill.

And what better place is there than on a trip?!

Mirrorless cameras are a big hit with travelers because they shoot (almost) as good as a big DSLR camera, but they are much more lightweight and compact.

The best educational gifts for teens who travel

Travel journal (#AffiliateLink)

A travel journal is a great way to remember all the cool stuff and adventures from a trip.

It helps improve writing skills and documenting experiences.

World map scratch poster (#AffiliateLink)

A world map scratch poster might not make it to the list of most unique travel gifts, but it still looks fantastic in a teenager’s bedroom.

It’s a great way to keep track of the places they’ve already visited and to fuel dreams about new adventures.

(Beginners) Photography book (#AffiliateLink)

Many travelers love taking pictures of all the wonderful things they see.

If your teen is interested in photography, buying them a book to develop their skills is a fantastic idea!

This Beginners Photography Guide gets raving reviews.

5-minute gratitude journal (#AffiliateLink)

We often take things for granted – our health, our education, our ability to travel etc.

It’s good to stop and think ones in a while about those things.

This 5-minute journal will help your teenager on a year-long trip towards more gratitude in their lives.

Subscription to Audible (#AffiliateLink)

If your teen prefers audiobooks over regular books, a subscription to Amazon’s Audible is a great idea!

1, 3, 6 and 12-month memberships are available.

Subscription to Kindle Unlimited (#AffiliateLink)

Give your teenager access to 1 million books and thousands of audiobooks by gifting them a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Memberships are available for 6, 12 and 24 months.

National Geographic subscription (#AffiliateLink)

Whatever way is there to learn more about the way the world works than to read the interesting articles by National Geographic.

Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World (Lonely Planet) (#AffiliateLink)

This book is the ultimate introduction to all the countries in the world and thus a great base for your travel-loving teenager.

Which country will be next on their bucket list?

The best entertaining presents for traveling teenagers

Story Cubes (#AffiliateLink)

If your teenager likes to tell or write stories or if they have to enhance their skills, this is the perfect gift for them.

The story cubes take up very little space and offer endless storylines to come up with.

It’s a great game to play solo, as a family or with siblings/friends.

Colouring book (#AffiliateLink)

No better way to pass the time while waiting for a plane or bus than by coloring.

Even when they’ve just outgrown childhood, a coloring book is way too much fun to leave at home. A perfect gift for young travelers!  

Travel game (#AffiliateLink)

What better way to pass the time than with a travel game.

Especially when it’s as educational as it is entertaining, gifting a travel game to a teenager will make for a successful present!

Genius playing cards (#AffiliateLink)

A deck of playing cards is a basic travel item, but no need for a boring one.

Spice up your teenager’s music knowledge while they play a game and travel the world.

Inflatable Lounger (#AffiliateLink)

It might not be one of can’t-live-without teenage travel essentials, but hey, what a great gift is this!

It is perfect for chilling with friends, camping or as a beach chair.

These inflatable hammocks are lightweight and easy to transport.

You don’t need any equipment to inflate it, just unfold it, scoop some air and buckle it up.

Music subscription (#AffiliateLink)

Music is everything for many teenagers, so a music subscription to their favorite app is a fantastic gift!

They can take their Youtube, Spotify, or Pandora subscriptions with them wherever they go.

Netflix subscription

If your teen prefers tv and movies over music, another suberb option is a Netflix membership.

This way they can watch their favorite shows wherever in the world they are.

Frisbee (#AffiliateLink)

A frisbee will hardly take up any space in a suitcase and can provide hours of fun on the beach or in a park.

Wetsuit (#AffiliateLink)

A vacation or trip will often be paired with water fun.

If your teen is crazy about the ocean and loves surfing and scuba diving, a wetsuit is a great birthday or Christmas present for a teenager.

So if you’re listing beach gifts for teens for his next trip, make sure to include this wetsuit.

Spikeball game (#AffiliateLink)

Let’s face it, after a long flight your teen needs to move and be energetic.

You can’t use it on the plane, although we never tried that before :), but anywhere else!


What are the best travel accessories for teens?

When you are searching for travel accessories, you can’t go wrong with a passport holder, an international travel adapter or a collapsible water bottle.
Click here for more inspiration!

What are the best technological gifts for travel loving teenagers?

Think about noise-canceling head phones, an instant photo printer, or a lens kit for their smartphone.
Click here to find more ideas!

What are the best travel gadgets for teenagers?

Practical and fun gadgets are always a big hit. Score with some funky luggage tags, a lens kit for smartphones, or Genius playing cards.
Find more gadgets here!

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