Whether you are shopping for a travel-related gift for your own child or another kid that is into traveling, we hope to give you some inspiration with these top travel gifts for kids. Some are meant to be used at home, but most are small and can be brought on a trip. The presents listed below are suitable for children between 5 and 10 years old.

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These are the most popular items on this list:


Travel Journal

A kids’ travel journal is a great way to remember all the cool stuff and adventures from a trip. It helps improve writing skills and documenting experiences. 

Travel Atlas

An atlas is a great way for your child to discover and learn about the world!

Non-fiction Travel Book

A travel book is a great way to get to know the world! It’s useful to get into travel modus before the trip, but they can also bring it along.

Fictional Travel Book

A lot of children’s books have travel as a main theme or make a destination extra interesting (think about the Percy Jackson series when visiting Greece). The Real Kids Real Places series offer adventurous stories for 8-11-year-olds that are set in a US destination.

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Binoculars are a great present for a nature-loving kid! Make sure to give them binoculars that come with real optics but are sturdy enough for an occasional bump into the ground.

Exploration Kit

Is your child a curious nature-lover? Buy them an exploration kit to support their thirst for knowledge.

World Map

A world map is always a great educational gift that will enhance your child’s geographical knowledge. Make the present more unique by buying a scratch-off map, a coloring map or an interactive learning map.


Family Travel Game

A travel game can be a whole lot of fun! They are small to pack and give hours of play and bonding time. You really can’t go wrong with one of these.


This all-time favorite might be the biggest hit when it comes to bringing toys on vacation. Lego just keeps children building and building and building. Whether you have room for a small or a big box, Lego makes sure to keep a kid occupied.


A kick scooter is a great present for an active kid! It’s a lot easier to take with you than a bike and they can still let out their energy. Be sure to pick one that is easily foldable and you can take them while traveling as well!

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One-person strategy/thinking game

Solitaire games are a great way to keep children occupied while taking a moment for yourself. As fun as playing a family game is, sometimes there is just one person who wants to play. The one-person games designed by Smartgames and Thinkfun are created to give your child hours of fun on their own. Both brands have (usually magnetic) travel versions of their games as well.


Playing outdoors is always a great idea, but often a soccer ball or football takes up too much space while traveling. A frisbee is a great alternative!

Snorkel set

A snorkel set makes for a great gift for water-crazy kids! You can opt to buy only the mask (perhaps even a full-face mask), a snorkel mask + breathing tube or go all in and include some diving fins.

Portable Beach Toys

Beach toys are always so much fun, but they take up a lot of space in a suitcase. When you bring along some silicone toys, there is less risk of them breaking, while those foldable pails will bring hours of fun.

Roll up pencil case

Bringing pencils on a trip is always a big hit. When you put them in a roll-up case, they’re easy to stash into a backpack. Big plus is that you don’t have to search for the right color all the time.

Travel Kite

It might not be your first thought to bring along a kite on your travels, but it’s a great toy to keep your child occupied outdoors. If you pick one that’s easy and small to fold, your kid will have lots of fun while away!


(Personalized) Passport Holder

A passport cover is a perfect present for a kid that loves to travel. It looks great while it’s still practical as it offers protection for your most important document. Especially cute are the passport holders with room for a name. Fuel their wanderlust and let the adventure begin!


A flashlight and definitely a headlight makes for a great gift! It can be used to explore, for nighttime reading, camping, and much more cool stuff.


Every kid wants to bring their own backpack! It’s perfect to store their toys, a tablet, and other personal stuff.


Many suitcases for children have such amazing designs! Let your kid feel responsible for their clothes and toys by letting them pull their own kid-size suitcase along.

Portable nap mat

Although most kids from age 5 and up will be too old to take afternoon naps, a portable nap mat can still come in handy to lounge around your holiday area or at home. It can double as a mattress and sleeping bag as well!

Sleeping Bag

If your kid is too old for a portable nap mat, they might like a real sleeping bag for their camping trips or slumber parties.

Neck Pillow

We all would like to get some sleep when traveling on a plane, bus or train and kids are no different. Gift them a good night of sleep by giving them a comfy neck pillow.

Towel Hoodie

After a great swimming trip, make sure your kiddo doesn’t cool down too much with a towel hoodie.

(Collapsible) Water Bottle

Help the environment by bringing a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles all the time. It’s a good idea to give each kid a bottle. Pick a regular plastic one, a stainless steel one or save some space with a collapsible bottle.

Luggage Tags

If your child has their own backpack or suitcase, buy them a luggage tag so they can put their name down. It will make them feel all grown up!

Night Light

Falling asleep in a new room can be quite scary. Even older children might be very happy with a little night light to chase out the complete darkness.

Eye Mask

Sleeping comfortably on the go is not easy, so buy your child an eye mask to help them sleep better!

Cuddle Blanket

Another option to get comfortable on a trip – but always useful at home as well! – is a fleece blanket. One that folds up small is especially handy when traveling.

Camping Chair

If your child is a big fan of camping, buy them a camping chair to chillax in!

Water Shoes

Kids and water are a great combination, but there are times when you don’t want them running around bare-foot.

TIP: if you’re looking for water shoes that are sturdy enough for rafting and comparable activities, take a look at this ultimate guide to the best water shoes for the whole family.



Headphones make for a great gift for a child especially one that loves traveling. Kids love a moment for themselves watching movies on a tablet or listening to music. They come in handy on flights and long (bus) drives. Headphones make sure nobody gets to enjoy the latest Disney songs or Nickelodeon cartoons along with your little one. If you choose wireless headphones, you don’t have to worry about the wire tying up.

Digital Camera

What better way to make to help create memories of a fantastic holiday than by giving kids a digital camera. 

Nintendo 3DS

A game console is a great alternative for a tablet if you don’t mind some screen time now and then. The Nintendo 3DS is portable and lightweight and can easily be tucked away in a backpack.

Kids Travel Drone

Although a mini drone isn’t suitable for young kids, from the age of about 8 they might be responsible enough to start using one. This is a great gift, especially for children interested in technology, filming or photography and they might use it for a long time.


A tablet is a great kids’ travel gift as they are so multifunctional. It’s great for music, movies, (audio) books or educational games. A tablet designed for kids comes with a brightly colored kid-proof case to prevent the screen from breaking should it tumble to the floor.

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