Whether you are a hardcore family traveller or someone who loves a weekend getaway every now and then, you’ll want the best baby travel bed for your little one to sleep. However, many parents are afraid of bringing their baby on an overnight trip, because: What if they cry all night? Will I get them to sleep in time? Will they be scared of the new environment?

Sleep is the basis of everything. Without a decent amount of sleep, there’s gonna be a grumpy baby and grumpy parents. That’s not a great way to start the day in a new place. (And believe me, I know. I’m writing this after a particularly rough night with our almost 4-year old. 3 hours of sleep is not enough, ugh.)

In this article, we’ll help you determine what the best travel cot is for your family.

As you can see in the comparison chart, our main focus points are weight, folded dimensions, and the price. All the things we consider important when travelling. However we provide a full review for each portable crib, so scroll down and start reading!

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If you’re interested in travel beds for toddlers and bigger babies, take a look at this review list.


In a hurry?

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Adventure
0 - 6 months3.4 lbs (1.5 kg)16" x 17" (40.6 x 43.2 cm)co-sleeping
with canopy + bug net
for indoor + outdoors
Scuddles 3-in-1 portable bassinet
0 - 6/8 months1 lbs (0.5 kg)8" x 3" x 8" (20.3 x 7.6 x 20.3 cm)bassinet + diaper bag + changing pad $
Chicco Lullago Travel Crib
0 - 6/8 months17 lbs (7.7 kg)23" x 20" x 8" (58.4 x 50.8 x 20.3 cm)feels like a real bassinet$-$$
Brica Fold 'n Go Travel Bassinet

0 - 4 months2.5 lbs (1 kg)22" x 17" x 3" (55.9 x 43.2 x 7.6 cm)with a mesh cover$
DockATot Deluxe

0-8 months3 lbs (1.36 kg)18" x 29" (45.7 x 73.7)only for co-sleeping & playing
womblike feeling
Guava Lotus Travel Crib

0-36 months13 lbs (6 kg)24"x 11"x 7" (61 x 28 x 17.8 cm)long use
side zipper
perfect for travel + playtime
Babybjorn Travel Crib

0-36 months (no weight limit)13 lbs (6 kg)19" x 23.5" x 5.5" (49 x 60 x 14 cm)quick & easy to set up
long use
good for climbers
high quality
Flisko 2 in 1 portable crib & bassinet

0-36 months14.2 lbs (6.4 kg)24" x 21" x 6" (61 x 53.3 x 15.2 cm)crib + bassinet
side door
Phil & Teds Travel Crib
0-24 months (35"/89 cm)6 lbs (2.7 kg)7" x 7" x 25" (17.8 x 17.8 x 63.5 cm)extreme lightweight & ultra portable
side door
Hiccapop inflatable toddler bed
18m-5+ years8 lbs (3.6 kg) - including pump10" x 14" x 6" (25 x 36 x 15 cm)great for bigger kids
safe for active sleepers
with 2 or 4 bed rails
Regalo My Cot portable toddler bed
2-5+ years6.25 lbs (2.8 kg)9" x 8" x 24" (23 x 20 x 61 cm)great for bigger kids
quick & easy to set up
Joovy Gloo Regular

0-3 years3.9 lbs (1.8 kg)14" x 14" x 5" (36 x 36 x 13 cm)lightweight & portable
indoor & outdoors
Joovy Gloo Large

0-5 years5.5 lbs (2.5 kg)18" x 17" x 4.5" (46 x 43 x 11 cm)lightweight & portable
very long use
indoor & outdoors
Kidco Peapod
1-3 years2.5 lbs (1.1 kg)16.5" x 16.5" x 3" (42.5 x 42.5 x 8 cm)lightweight & portable
indoors & outdoors
Kidco Peapod Large
1-5 years3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)17.9" x 17.8" x 3.9" (45 x 45 x 10 cm)lightweight & portable
long use
indoors & outdoors


How to get your baby to sleep on a trip?

1. Bedsharing

One option is bedsharing, which might be the most hassle-free way.

We’ve always been cosleeping with our daughter, so we weren’t about to change that because we were on vacation.

The biggest plus is that you don’t have to bring any extra material. You, however, need to make sure the bed is big enough and – if you don’t like putting them in the middle – check that you can push the bed against a wall so they won’t fall out.

Bedsharing with a baby can be wonderful, but you should always keep the safety rules in mind, especially with infants. The most important ones are (< 6m):

  • you have to be breastfeeding
  • no cushions and heavy blankets allowed
  • you can never ever use alcohol, sleeping pills or drugs when sharing a bed with your little one

TIP: If you would like to know more about bedsharing and safety, you can read all about it here.

However, there are a ton of reasons why you don’t want to or can’t share a bed with your child. In that case, you’ll need another solution.

2. Ask your hotel to provide a baby travel cot

If you’re staying at a hotel, you can ask for a crib to be put in the room. Sometimes they’ll have none available. Or it won’t be in the state you’d want them to be.

Furthermore, things are different when you won’t be staying in a hotel. What to do when you love camping? Or if you prefer Airbnb? Your choice of accommodation is an important factor in the how-is-my-child-going-to-sleep-dilemma.

3. Rent or buy a portable cot on location

If you don’t want the hassle of bringing your own portable crib for babies, there’s always the option of renting equipment. Search online for a baby equipment rental company and avoid bringing a ton of stuff.

Another option is to buy a (cheap) travel cot online and have it delivered at your destination (before you arrive). Make sure to check with your Airbnb host or hotel, before clicking the order-button, though! This is also a great option when you’re staying with friends or family, especially if you plan on doing so frequently!

4. Bring your own travel crib

Therefore, a lot of parents opt for a baby travel bed instead. It’s great for you because you’ll know exactly what kind of sleeping arrangements you’ll have to make. And it’s great for your baby as well, because it’s a bed they’re familiar with.

The thing with newborns is that they are really really tiny (obviously) and thus only require a small baby bed. Which is very convenient when traveling with as little baggage as possible. And what caregiver wants to haul a whole bunch of heavy stuff on top of a baby?

However, if you plan on taking more trips when they’re older, it might be wiser to invest in a baby travel crib that is suitable for bigger babies and toddlers as well.

Which portable baby cot do you need?

Portable cribs are baby cribs that can be folded to take them wherever you want to go. They are safe and comfortable for your baby. However, they tend to remain quite large and usually heavy.

A travel crib features the same assets but focusses on the weight and the dimensions as well. Therefore they tend to be more convenient when traveling.

Travel bassinet

A baby travel bassinet is a portable bassinet that is usually foldable and more lightweight so you can easily bring it on a trip. Many parents find a regular crib too big for their newborn, so they prefer something smaller and cosier.

A newborn travel cot will usually fit your infant until the age of 4 to 6 months. The short usage is the main disadvantage. However, on the positive side, they are small, lightweight and you can even use them with you when you go out. For example, when you are eating in a restaurant and like to be handsfree.

Travel cot with bassinet

When you’re travelling with a newborn but are planning more trips in the next couple of years, it might be a wise idea to invest in a travel crib with bassinet.

This type of foldable baby bed consists of a (usually) lightweight travel cot combined with a portable baby bassinet that goes on top. Because the bassinet is on the folding crib, it’s easier to keep an eye on your baby.

The best thing about a travel cot and bassinet combination is the long use: from birth usually up until 36 months. Furthermore, you can use the cot as a playpen for your little one or just in general as a safe place if you have to step away for a minute.

The downside is that you will be taking quite a lot of material with you. Even though it is portable and lightweight, you will drag along both the crib and the bassinet part. As we find this type too bulky to be travelling with, we won’t add any to our list.

Foldable crib or pack n play

When you’re past the newborn-stage or you don’t mind that they will be sleeping in a bigger space, bringing a small travel cot will make your life so much easier.

Most travel beds can be used both for sleeping and as a portable playard, which will always come in useful when you need a moment for yourself or to care for other children.

They will generally be suitable well into toddlerhood (or even young preschoolers might still fit them).

TIP: Don’t forget to check out our article on the best travel playpens and baby playpen gates!

Toddler travel bed

If your baby is already a bit bigger, it might not be interesting anymore to buy a compact travel cot. In that case, you can opt for a toddler travel cot or even an inflatable toddler bed.

How to pick the right portable travel crib?

Deciding what is the best travel cot for your child, depends entirely on your needs as a family and on your way of travelling. Things will differ greatly if you are a roadtripper with 3 small children or new parents who want to take a plane with their newborn.


Most parents will prefer a baby folding bed that you can easily pick up, carry around and tuck away. However, when you’re looking for a cot to leave at the grandparents house, it might be ok to just be able to fold it so it’s not in the way all the time.

Weight & dimensions

The weight of the product is an important factor when you’re travelling by plane or public transport. Some light travel cots are even allowed to be checked in as carry-on luggage. And even on a bus or train, you don’t want to be hauling heavy equipment with you.

When you’re using other means of transport, however, the weight becomes less important. As long as you can safely pick it up and set it up in the right location, things will be fine.


While these days all baby material is thoroughly tested, make sure to check the safety of your baby bed. And of course, follow the weight and height restrictions.


There is no point in buying a travel cot bed that is hard to set up. Plenty of easy options are available and it will take you only a couple of minutes to get your baby’s bed ready.


Some foldable baby cribs come with additional accessories such as a carry bag or shoulder strap. Those can come in quite useful!


Of course, the price is a major factor when deciding on which baby foldable crib you’d like to buy. Although the most well-known and popular brands tend to be rather pricey, you don’t have to pay through the nose for a decent one.

Accessories for a kids travel cot

This ingenious item creates a dark sleeping space above your folding baby crib. It is compatible with the Graco Pack ‘n Play, Baby Bjorn travel crib and the Lotus travel crib.

It weighs only 6 pounds (2.7 kg) and you can stuff it into your carry-on luggage. Thanks to the zipper you can decide how much or little light you let in.

Another option to darken your little one’s sleeping space is this SnoozeShade canopy.

It will fit any rectangular travel cot playpen with a maximum mattress size of 37.5″ x 25.5″ (95.3 x 64.8 cm).


Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Adventure

The Snuggle Nest Adventure is a portable baby bed travel that you can use both inside and outdoors.

The bassinet was designed for co-sleeping, but because it is durable enough for outdoor use, your little one can take a nap anywhere.

The Adventure Snuggle Nest has 1 backpack strap attached so you can sling it over your shoulder and set off (it is too short to wear cross-body and tall dads might have trouble wearing it on the back as well). Because the sleeper folds in half and zips shut, an extra storage compartment is created. However, there is not enough space to replace a diaper bag.

The Adventure is very similar to the cheaper Snuggle Nest XL but this one comes with a removable canopy and mesh bug net. These features make it a great folding mini crib to use on the beach or in the park.

The travel bassinet consists of 2 vented and sturdy mesh walls. Although there is fabric around, you can still feel the hard plastic of the walls.

The dimensions are perfect for traveling: the inside measures 28.5″ x 14″ x 6″ (72.4 x 35.6 x 15.2 cm) when unfolded which packs into a bag with handle of 16″ x 17″ (40.6 x 43.2 cm). The crib only weighs 3.4 pounds (1.5 kg).

The foam mattress (that might need a blanket for extra padding) is waterproof and comes with a fitted, wraparound sheet. All fabrics on the mini baby bed are machine washable.

The Baby Delight Snuggle Nest is suitable for babies from birth to 28 inches (about 6 months) and is available in a stylish dark grey tweed fabric.

This travel bassinet comes in a cheaper regular version as well, without the canopy, the bug net and the backpack. You can choose between a bunch of different colors and patterns. Click here for more information.

Scuddles 3-in-1 portable bassinet  

The Scuddles portable bassinet is a real feature when travelling.

It’s not only a travel crib for newborns, but the bassinet can double as a diaper bag and a portable baby changing station as well. It is so small you can easily bring it to a restaurant or set it up while waiting at the airport.

The fabric consists of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and the mattress pad is machine washable. Unlike many other bassinet bags, the Scuddles doesn’t have a chemical smell.

We always like travel gear that combines features, so we consider the 5 zip compartments (including an insulated pocket to keep bottles hot or cold) a real treat. No need to drag along a heavy nappy bag/backpack on top!

The portable crib is easy to set up taking only about 30 seconds to do so. Thanks to special sticks, the outer walls do not collapse, making it safe for your baby to sleep in (parents have reported this indeed to be true). The bottom is rather soft, so it should go on a hard surface (don’t use this as a co-sleeper in your bed!)

When folded as a diaper bag with shoulder strap, the dimensions are 8″ x 3″ x 8″ (20.3 x 7.6 x 20.3 cm), while the bassinet measures 24″x 12″x 6″ (70 x 30.5 x 15.2 cm) when in use. It only weighs about 1 pound (0.5 kg), so it’s perfect to take with you on a flight!

One thing to keep in mind though is the lack of a shoulder strap or backpack straps. Some parents get creative in attaching straps from other bags to make it more comfortable.

The Scuddles 3-in-1 portable bassinet is suitable for babies from birth until 6-8 months (when they start crawling). It is only available in a greenish-grey color.

Chicco Lullago Travel Crib

The Chicco Lullago travel crib for newborns is a very convenient way of putting your baby to sleep.

You can set it up in no time because of the metal snap-on legs. It only takes about a minute to complete the legs and put the bassinet on top of them!

The mesh windows and the firm padded mattress make sure your little one sleeps in a comfortable way. Thanks to those mesh sides you can keep an eye on your baby and you don’t have to worry if they put their face against it. The mattress folds in half and some parents noticed a lump that they didn’t deem comfortable for their baby.

Unfortunately, the pad is not waterproof and the cover is not machine washable (although many parents have washed them, because, really, who is going to handwash baby sheets?)

The dimensions of the travel crib are 36″ x 27″ x 22″ (91.4 x 68.6 x 55.9 cm). When traveling it folds down to 23″ x 20″ x 8″ (58.4 x 50.8 x 20.3 cm) in a carry bag with handle. However, the travel bag doesn’t close which is rather odd for a folding portable crib. It is not very lightweight at about 17 pounds (7.7 kg). This will probably not be your first choice for plane trips.

Because it swings, you don’t have to get out of bed to rock your child. However, when your baby moves from its own, it will start swaying a bit as well.

The Chicco Lullago travel bassinet can be used for babies from birth up until 20 pounds (9 kg)/6-8 months. The available colors seem to change once in a while. The last time we checked (Sept 19) you could choose between sand and green.

Parents have reported difficulties finding fitting sheets, but these should fit.

Brica Fold ‘n Go travel bassinet

The Brica Fold ‘n Go travel crib for newborns provides your baby with a secure sleeping place, no matter where you are.

It consists of mesh panels and breathable fabric and the steel frame makes it super sturdy. The mesh panels make it possible to check on your baby from the other side of the room. Some parents say they were worried their little one would hurt themselves because you can feel the metal bars running along the length of the portable baby sleeper.

It takes only a couple of seconds to pop open or fold down (you have to hold the buttons on each side at the same time). The 4 points safe T-lock system provides safety and gives you audible clicks so you know when it has opened completely.

When closed you can easily transport it because it is lightweight (2.5 pounds/1 kg) and comes with a carrying handle.

The water-resistant mattress pad is removable and machine washable. It is only about 1 inch (2.5 cm) thick, but you can always put an extra blanket underneath to create more padding.

When in use the dimensions are 29.5″ x 21″ x 12.5″ (75 x 53.3 x 31.8 cm) but the bassinet folds flat to 22″ x 17″ x 3″ (55.9 x 43.2 x 7.6 cm). You can easily put this mini travel cot in your checked suitcase.

The Brica Fold ‘n Go can be used for babies from birth to about 4 months/13-15 pounds (6-6.8 kg)/25 inches (63.5 cm). It is not meant to be used on a soft surface such as a bed. Once your baby starts rolling around, it will get too small for them or they might roll/climb out.

DockATot Deluxe baby lounger

The DockATot baby lounger is a multifunctional item on your baby essentials and/or baby travel gear list.

It allows your baby not only to sleep but also to play, lounge, practice tummy time or even get a diaper change. When your child is still little, you can close up the buckle as to make a closed oval shape. When your little one gets bigger you can leave it unbuckled to create room for their feet.

The polyester pad is surrounded by a large tube and offers your baby a snug feeling – it’s supposed to feel very similar to the womb. The lack of buckles adds to a comfortable environment.

The Dock A Tot is not meant to prevent rolling over. In fact, when awake, it is perfect to practice lying on their tummy. The rounded sides will help keep your baby up. Don’t leave your baby alone during tummy time!

The DockATot bassinet can be used safely for bedsharing (always follow the guidelines!). Many parents are scared of rolling onto their child while co-sleeping. While this is highly unlikely if you follow the safe cosleeping guidelines, using this pillow might give you more peace of mind. Although it was specifically designed for co-sleeping, don’t forget that those guidelines recommend not to use any pillows in bed… The DockAtot can not be used inside a crib or bassinet.

This bassinet measures 18″ x 29/34″ (45.7 x 73.7/86.4) (buckles open/closed), while it is lightweight at only 3 lbs (1.36 kg).

The biggest con of the Dock A Tot is its price, especially once you start adding up the accessories such as an extra cover and the transport bag.

The Dock A Tot baby lounger can be used from birth until 8 months (5-22 lbs). There is also a bigger option available: the DockATot Grand for children age 9 – 36 months. Click here to see the price or scroll down to read more about it.


Guava Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

The Lotus portable travel cot is a full-size folding crib that you can use both for sleeping and for playing! It is one of the most popular options, along with the Baby Bjorn travel crib light.

It has a side door that can be zipped down so your baby can crawl in and out and you can join your little one in the Guava travel crib as well. This feature is great when you have to put your baby down softly or if you want to nurse them to sleep. The sides are also shorter than the BabyBjorn, making it easier to reach in and pick up your baby when you’re not that tall.

The mesh fabric allows for very good visibility and goes all the way down to the mattress, making it a safe sleep environment and lets you keep a close eye on your little one.

It’s divine for parents as well. The travel playard sets up in a minute and it only weighs 13 pounds (6 kg), which makes it the most lightweight pack ‘n play travel crib we found.

The Lotus Everywhere Crib is made out of safe materials and has been made in an environmentally friendly way (GreenGuard Gold non-toxic certification).

The footprint of the Lotus crib is slightly bigger than for example the Babybjorn, but because the walls go straight up, there is ample play space.

The most noteworthy feature, however, is that it folds into a backpack! This way you still have your hands free for your baby and a diaper bag. Folded down it only takes up 24″x 11″x 7″ (61 x 28 x 17.8 cm), so you can easily take this item to travel around the world (it is smaller than a carry-on)!

The lightweight travel crib comes with a mattress which measures 42″x 24″ (106.7 x 61 cm) and is 25″ (63.5 cm) deep. It is about 1 inch thick and a bit firmer than for example the Baby Bjorn travel cot. Furthermore, despite the easiness of installing the crib itself, putting the mattress in takes a while and is a bit trying because you need to put velcro straps through holes. Keep in mind that you need special sheets because of the mattress size and the cut-outs (and you need to tuck the velcro tabs through it all over again).

The Lotus portable crib is only available in one color (light and dark grey) and is suitable for children from age 0-3.

Don’t forget the additional Guava Lotus fitted sheet and some nice sheets!

TIP: look into buying directly on the Guava Family website. Here you can find a lot of money-saving sets, the Playshade and the bassinet conversion kit, which is a great portable bassinet for your infant.

Babybjörn Travel Cot Light

The Baby Bjorn travel crib is another hugely popular pack ‘n play option. Admittedly, it is one of the more expensive ones out there.

This camping travel cot weighs only 13 pounds (6 kg) and folds down into a rectangular carry bag with 2 handles (19″ x 23.5″ x 5.5″/49 x 60 x 14 cm). It does not fit as a carry-on piece, but most airlines (not all!) will let you gate check this as a baby item for free.

The soft mattress measures 23.5″ x 41″ x 1.2″ (60 x 105 x 4 cm). It is by far the thickest baby travel cot mattress you will find. The fitted sheet is included but the organic crib sheets (that were designed to fit the special hole-and-loop system of the kids portable cot) are sold separately.

One of the Baby Bjorn’s best features is its easy set up and fold system. It literally pops open in 15 seconds and you don’t have to attach any additional part. After putting the mattress in, you’re all set to go. Because the mattress is situated at the floor, it might be hard(er) to put your baby down or pick them up when you’re not that tall.

The crib is made out of Oeko-tex Standard 100 material, with breathable mesh walls. All fabrics are machine washable.

Although it can be used as a baby play yard, is it a little on the small side. Furthermore, because of the angled legs, the top of the crib is narrower than for example the Lotus, adding to that smaller feeling. However, thanks to that shape, it will discourage your baby from trying to climb the walls.

This travel cot with mattress included is suitable for children from age 0-3. However, there is no weight limit, so as long as your little one wants to sleep in it, they can. It might not be the best choice for an infant, however, as the mattress is rather soft.

Flisko 2 in 1 Travel Crib & Bassinet

If you are looking for a more affordable small portable crib, the Flisko 2 in 1 is a more than decent option. Of course, that price difference has a reason, so you should overall expect a lesser quality.

Like the Lotus and the Babybjorn, it has a sleek design. However, setting it up takes a couple of minutes because you have to snap the frame in place. Still, it is not overly difficult, so it should not be a reason not to buy this one. Furthermore, you can accomplish the set up with one hand, while you will need both to fold it down.

You can transport this folding travel cot with the accompanying carry case which converts into a backpack. The folded travel cot dimensions are 24 x 21 x 6 inches (61 x 53.3 x 15.2 cm) while it weighs 14.2 pounds (6.4 kg).

Like the other kids’ travel cots, the sides are made of mesh fabric, allowing you to keep an eye on your child at all times. The foam mattress pad is about 1 inch thick and comes with an included fitted sheet.

The best feature of this foldable travel cot is its multifunctionality. Aside from sleeping a larger baby or toddler, it doubles as a baby playard with a zipper side door as well. Furthermore, you can swap the crib for a bassinet, making it suitable for infants as well.

Parents have reported that overall it is not super sturdy and there is a chemical smell when the package is opened.

Phil & Teds Travel Crib

The Phil and Teds travel cot is your best choice if you’re looking for the best lightweight travel cot. At only 6 pounds (2.7 kg) you almost won’t notice the extra weight!

This travel baby bed was designed with traveling families in mind because apart from the weight it is also very compact. It rolls up to the size of a yoga mat and you can easily take it with you as carry-on. The folded dimensions of the Phil and Teds travel crib are 7 x 7 x 25 inches (17.8 x 17.8 x 63.5 cm). Because of the travel cot size, it breaks down into a couple of pieces, so it will take you a little longer (a few minutes once you know how to do it) to assemble.

It is convenient to use everywhere: at home or away or even on the beach. You can buy an additional shade mesh to protect your baby from bugs or direct sun rays.

The Oeko-Tex certified fabrics make it a safe environment for your little one. Furthermore, the mesh sides give you the opportunity to keep an eye on your baby at all times. A great feature is that you can open up one of the sides completely (and the zipper isn’t very loud).

The self-inflating mattress is 38.6 x 22.4 inches (98 x 57 cm) which gives the Phil & Teds travel cot an overall dimension of 46″ x 31″ x 24.8″ (117x79x63 cm). A fitted sheet is included. Since the padding isn’t the greatest, you can complement it with the Milliard Mini-Crib Mattress Topper.

The biggest issue with this travel cot with mattress included is that it might tip over if the child is standing and pushing the side. Furthermore, customer support appears not to offer the best service.

The Phil and Teds portable crib is suitable for children age 0 to 2 (35″/89 cm).

More options

While the travel baby beds mentioned above are by far our favorites, there are some other great options available. We would like to mention:

The 4moms Breeze Go playard, which gets amazing reviews but is quite heavy at 23 pounds (10.4 kg), but it comes in a convenient carry bag. Its greatest feature is the extremely simple one hand pop-open or close down system. However, it is rather expensive. There is also an option with bassinet available. Click here to see the price on Amazon.

The Joovy Room2 Playpen, which is an extra large travel cot, although it is commonly used as a giant travel playpen. It might not be suitable for air travel as it weighs almost 30 pounds (13.4 kg). However, with 10 square feet of space, it is the perfect playpen for twins. It is also one of the cheaper options on the market. Click here to see the price on Amazon.


Hiccapop Inflatable toddler travel bed

The Hiccapop travel bed for toddlers is one of the best toddler travel sleep options.

The inflatable toddler mattress comes with a travel bag (that is big enough for not-so-perfect-foldings) and an electric turbo pump. You can inflate the bed in 30 seconds.

The inlay-enforced vinyl is 40% thicker than the Shrunks toddler travel bed. Because of that, the company states that it is almost completely puncture-proof. A high quality air valve and reinforced seams make sure there won’t be any air leakage. However, quite a few parents have reported leaks, as is to be expected with an inflatable article.

The toddler travel mattress is super soft and will fit any standard crib sheet and blanket.

Because toddlers might get very active during their sleep, extra long bed rails are included.

The dimensions of the air blown bed are 62 x 39 x 12 inches (157 x 99 x 30 cm), which includes the bedrail. The mattress’ size is the same as a travel crib: 49″ x 26″ (124 x 66 cm). Folded down it will probably measure around 10 x 14 x 6 inches (25 x 36 x 15 cm). The weight of the portable toddler bed is 8 pounds (3.6 kg) – including the pump.

The customer service for this product is excellent. They offer a lifetime guarantee and many parents have reported that the service was indeed impeccable.

The bed is suitable for kids age 18 months to 5+. As the weight limit is 300 pounds (136 kg), you can let them sleep on it as long as they like it. Some parents feel that their kids start outgrowing it at age 5 but others have their 10-year-olds still using it.

Regalo My Cot Portable toddler bed

The Regalo My Cot is another great option if you are looking for the best toddler travel bed.

Unlike an inflatable toddler bed like the Hiccapop, you won’t need extra material to set this one up. The simple fold and go system makes it very convenient to use.

The sleeping space measures 48 x 24 x 9 inches (122 x 61 x 23 cm), while you can fold it down to 9 x 8 x 24 inches (23 x 20 x 61 cm) for travel. With a weight of 6.25 pounds (2.8 kg) it is lightweight enough to take with you on either road trips or international vacations.

The frame of the toddler travel cot is made out of steel, while the sleep surface is a sturdy canvas. It can hold up to 75 pounds. A (not very soft) fitted sheet is included. Some people have reported the canvas to be too loud when the kid is moving, so it might be wise to test that beforehand and otherwise bring a sleeping bag or portable nap mat instead of just a blanket on your trip. This will enhance the cosy feeling and add more comfort as well.

Be aware that there is no locking mechanism and some parents have had it lock in on itself. Also, make sure that your little one knows that this bed is not for jumping or wild play. It might tip over if you sit on one of the ends. Another remark is that the middle bar sits a little higher than the rest of the portable toddler travel bed. Most parents report that it didn’t bother their child while sleeping.

There are no features to prevent your child from falling out of bed. However, it is not high of the ground, so putting a blanket or pillow on the floor will probably be enough to catch them should they roll out. You can also tuck it to the wall so they’ll at least have one safe side.

The Regalo portable toddler cot is suitable for kids age 2-5+ (while the company states 5, many parents have used it up until 7 or 8) and is available in a couple of colors.

Joovy Gloo Infant Travel Bed (Regular/Large)

The Joovy Gloo baby tent travel cot is a pop-up tent that can be used from birth. It is available in 2 sizes: the Regular from age 0-3 and the Large from age 0-5.

The self-inflating mattress pad makes sure your kid gets a decent night’s rest. The cotton cover that zips over it is machine washable, which is always a plus with kids.

The traveling baby bed is available in a bunch of funky colors. The Regular design has mesh see-through walls, while the Large is more closed-off, but still has mesh at the base to provide airflow.

You can use this portable crib for toddler or infant not only indoors but outdoors as well thanks to the UPF-50 sun protection and it being dew resistant and bugproof. So, it’s a perfect baby beach tent as well (especially the Large as it has closed flaps)!

The open dimensions of the Joovy Gloo Regular are 44” x 25” x 18” (112 x 64 x 46 cm) but folded down it only takes up 14 x 14 x 5 inches (36 x 36 x 13 cm). It weighs 3.9 lbs (1.8 kg).

The dimensions of the Joovy Gloo Large are 51.5 x 28 x 24.5 inches (131 x 71 x 62 cm), while it will only take up 18 x 17 x 4.5 inches (46 x 43 x 11 cm) of your luggage space. The empty weight is 5.5 lbs (2.5 kg).

Its size and weight make this extra large travel cot perfect for air travel. Setting it up take only a couple of seconds and once you know how to do it, so does folding it up.

Kidco Peapod (Regular/Plus)

The Kidco Peapod (and additionally the Peapod Plus) is another pop-up travel crib for toddler.

Like the Joovy Gloo it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to the UV-protection you don’t have to worry about the sun when you’re playing at the beach. On top of that, the anchor straps will help secure the tent to the ground, making it safe for camping or other outdoor activities.

The mesh sides go all the way down to the bottom and make sure enough air flows through the Kidco travel crib. Thanks to the large panel at the front, your child can crawl in and out for playtime. You can choose to close it up at night or leave it open. As with any tent, it might get a little warm inside so make sure to dress your child appropriately or leave the panel open.

Because of the size, toddlers can sit in it but can’t stand up. Because of this, they are more likely to lay down and (eventually) go to sleep. However, it might scare your child to be zipped in, especially if they are active sleepers that turn around a lot.

The sleeping pad attaches to the outer bottom of the tent (with snaps). It should be removed for packing. Machine washing is possible as well. Unfortunately, the inside of the fold up baby bed is rather difficult to clean.

The portable toddler cot is lightweight (2.45 lbs/1.1 kg) and easy to take with you in a carry-on bag. When unfolded it takes up 46″ x 18″ x 28″ (117 x 46 x 71 cm). It might take a bit (watching a video will help) to learn how to fold it, but once you know how it’s done, it’s easy.

This foldable full size crib is suitable for toddlers age 1 to 3.

The Peapod Plus is a bigger and slightly heavier (3.5 lbs/1.6 kg) tent designed specifically for children age 1-5.


How can I put my baby to sleep on a trip?

You can choose to share your bed (when breastfeeding in case of an infant), ask for a travel cot at your accommodation, rent or buy a portable crib at your destination or bring your own portable baby bed.
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What is the best travel crib for infants?

We like the Snuggle Nest Adventure as a travel bassinet for a newborn. You can transport it in a backpack, so it’s easy to take with you. Putting your baby down for a nap outdoors is not a problem either thanks to the canopy and bug net.
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What is the best baby travel bed (age 6m-3y)?

The answer to that would be the Baby bjorn travel crib, although it is a close call with the Guava Lotus travel crib. Especially the easy set up and fold system and the thicker mattress make it a very popular choice.
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What is the best toddler travel bed?

Suitable from birth up until age 5, the Joovy Gloo Large pop-up tent is money well spent. The self-inflating mattress is comfortable, even for bigger kids and thanks to the closed-off walls (but with a mesh border at the base for airflow) they’ll feel like they have their own space.
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