Ah, vacation time! When you’re thinking about your precious little get-away, all you see is tropical waters and palm trees (for example on one of Mexico’s wonderful beaches!). Since you’re a parent now, the time of reading in sunchairs and drinking cocktails all day long, is over. You may, however, spend quite a bit of the day in the water with your little munchkins.

Something we consider indispensable here at Mums on FlipFlops is a waterproof baby carrier. Especially when you have older kids, you’ll want your hands free to play in the water with them.

Below we’ve listed the best water baby carriers in a comparison chart for an easy and quick overview. When you read on, you’ll find an information guide which will help you decide which infant water carrier would fit your family. Furthermore, we’ve reviewed 3 outstanding carriers for babywearing in water for each baby carrier type (wraps, ring slings & buckle carriers).

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In a hurry?


Beachfront Baby Wrapwrap8-30 lbs (3.5-13.5kg)front$$
The Breezy wrapwrap8-35 lbs (3.5-16kg)front$$
Wrapsody WrapDuOmother and child in the shower with a Wrapsody Wrapduowrap7-35 lbs (3-16kg): water use
7-25 lbs (3-11kg): land use
Beachfront Baby Slingringsling8-30 lbs (3.5-13.5kg)front, hip$$
Biubee Water Slingringsling7-35 lbs (3-16kg)front, hip$
Vlokup Ringslingringsling8-30 lbs (3.5-13.5kg)front, hip$
Integra Solarexample of a blue integra solar baby carrier waterproofsoft structured carriersize 1: baby
size 2 toddler
size 3: pre-schooler
front, back$$$$
Boba Airsoft structured carrier15-45 lbs (7-20kg)front, back$$$
Bitybean Ultracompact Baby Carriersoft structured carrier8-45 lbs (3.5-20kg)front, back$$


Do I need a water baby carrier?  

Sure, you can choose to bring your normal baby carrier, but it won’t dry quickly and walking around with a wet carrier all day, isn’t our idea of fun. Furthermore, holding your baby while in the water is not an easy task. There are, however, baby carriers specifically designed for water use and/or hot weather. 

TIP: if you are looking for a baby carrier suitable for hot weather rather than a waterproof one, check out this post.

When you’re traveling with a small child, using a waterproof baby carrier for showering is a great idea too. That way you don’t have to drag a portable baby bath and you don’t have to be afraid of slippery accidents.

A baby carrier that is suitable for the water reduces the risks when it comes to swimming or bathing your baby while traveling (or at home!). It is an indispensable item in your suitcase!

What do I look for in a water baby carrier?

The most important component of a water-friendly baby carrier is its fabric. It should be made from a mesh fabric or polyester, as these dry quickly. For that reason waterproof buckle carriers don’t have padding, making them less comfortable for general use.

Especially the buckle carriers combine their waterproof-ness with a lightweight. Furthermore, ring slings are made of a rather short piece of fabric and tend to be lightweight of themselves. So, there really is no reason not to put an additional water baby carrier in your luggage.

The next criterium is UV protection. If you’re going to use the carrier on the beach, you’ll spend a lot of time in the sun, which can be damaging to your baby’s skin. Make sure to pick a waterproof infant carrier that offers sufficient protection from UV rays. 

And last but definitely not least is the comfort. A baby carrier (regular or a waterproof carrier) should always be ergonomic, both for the one carrying as for the child. Popular water baby carriers as the Jujuroo water baby carrier or the water tot baby carrier are not ergonomic! You can easily see that in the way the legs of the baby are hanging, rather than in the frog (or M) position. Another give away is the back, which should always be soft and following baby’s spine and not pre-formed. Read more about ergonomics here.

Which type of carrier do I choose?

If you have a preference for a wrap, ring sling or a buckle carrier, you should be able to find something you like, as all three types come in a waterproof version. 

Feeling a bit flabberghasted? Take a look at our extensive guide to the best baby carrier for travel. In here we explain a lot more about the different ways of babywearing and which one will suit your family best.

For water use, we would personally opt for a water baby sling as it is so easy to put on and off. However, you’ll probably try to keep one hand on your baby’s back (as experience has learned us you often do with ring slings). So, if you really need to use both of your hands, it might be smarter to opt for a wrap or a buckle carrier.


Best water baby wrap

Beachfront Baby Wrap

mother with baby in the beachfront baby wrap and toddler playing in the water

The Beachfront Baby Wrap was designed by work at home moms and features a mesh fabric that’s capable of keeping you and your baby cool in the heat.

Good news if you are looking for a swimming baby carrier, because The Beachfront Baby Wrap can be used both in and out of the water. Bonus points for the mesh fabric which makes it a lightweight baby wrap for summer, aka a great travel companion.

It is a stretchy water wrap carrier that can hold children from 8-30 lbs (3.5-13.5 kg), however since it’s stretch you might not be comfortable wearing bigger kids.

The Beachfront baby carrier waterproof wrap is available in 3 sizes: a standard, a petite and an XL (depending on your t-shirt size) and a whole bunch of different colors. 

The Breezy Wrap

The Breezy wrap is a cotton-mesh waterproof baby wrap that was designed to be used in the heat. It is lightweight (only 13.3 oz/380g) and comes with a carry bag, so you can toss it into your diaper bag and set off. 

Although it states that it has minimal stretch, it is wrapped the same way as a stretch wrap (where you put your baby in after wrapping in contrast to the way you wrap a woven wrap).  For shorter periods of time (like water play), you’ll be fine wearing a child up until 35 lbs (16kg), though we wouldn’t recommend that for a couple of hours. 

Thanks to the mesh fabric, it doesn’t get heavy when wet and it dries very quickly. This makes it the perfect wrap for a day at the pool or beach! It’s a great mesh baby carrier for shower as well!

Furthermore, it is machine washable, so you can get rid of the salt from the ocean easily. And in case you weren’t already convinced: 10% of the earnings go to charity for orphanages

The Breezy water baby wrap is (at the moment, February 2020) available in black and silver. 

Wrapsody WrapDuO

mother and child in the shower with a Wrapsody Wrapduo

This wrap was specifically designed for water and sports use and has been re-engineered recently.

This water proof baby carrier is made from the same fabric (with 100% recycled yarns!) as a running shirt and is therefore very comfortable for traveling in hot weather and playing in the water. Evidently, it’s a great shower baby carrier as well.

The new design is super lightweight, super soft and offers sun protection.

As it is a stretchy wrap you can only use it as a front carry. Like the Wrapsody Hybrids, the stretch is only one way, which makes it slightly less stretchy compared to other stretchy wraps. BUT you’ll be able to wear a bigger child without sagging and that’s a big plus!

The Wrapsody WrapDuO mesh baby wrap is available in the original blue version or in the new black pearl version.

Best water ring sling 

Beachfront Ring Sling

Like the Beachfront Baby Wrap, the Beachfront Mesh Ring sling is specifically designed for hot weather and water use AND made in the USA!

The mesh fabric of the water sling for baby is lightweight and the aluminium rings guarantee safe carrying.

And what is absolutely great about this, is the fact that it is made with 100% recycled polyester!

The Beachfront baby sling reviews are almost all very positive, although some parents mention that the fabric is a bit more slippery than regular babywearing fabric. Also, if you’re new to carrying with a ring sling, keep in mind that you need to get the hang of it.

This baby water sling is your best choice in waterproof carriers if you’re planning on bringing along a regular travel baby carrier as well.

The Beachfront pool baby carrier sling can hold children from 8-30 lbs (3.5-13.5 kg) and is available in 3 sizes: a standard, a petite and an XL (depending on your t-shirt size) and a whole bunch of different colors. 

We consider this one of the best water baby carriers! and even as a regular lightweight baby carrier for summer, it’s a great choice.

Biubee Water Sling

The Biubee Water Sling baby carrier is made from a mesh fabric and is designed to be used in and outside the water. The rings of the waterproof baby sling are made from plastic, which suits the water use.

Water tends to make the fabric a little bit slippery and the plastic rings enhance that, but you can always make a knot behind the rings, just to be safe.

Some parents report that the Biubee pool or shower carrier doesn’t feel too sturdy, so you might want to keep a hand under your child’s bottom at all times (which is actually something you naturally do with a ringsling).

Bonus points for the way it folds into itself so you can tuck it away in a compact package when you don’t need the mesh baby sling carrier. The attached pocket doubles as a bag for your smartphone or other small items as well.

The Biubee mesh sling baby fits children from newborn to 35 pounds (16 kg) and is (only) available in a lovely rich blue. 

Vlokup Baby Waterproof Ring Sling Carrier

This 100% polyester mesh baby carrier for water might be one of the cheapest on the market, but it still makes true on its promises. 

It is very similar to the Biubee, except that it has metal rings instead of plastic ones. The former sounds sturdier, but we are unsure whether metal combined with water is such a great idea?

Like the Biubee, the Vlokup baby water wrap comes with a built-in pouch.

It is available in 14 bright colors, so you will definitely find one to your liking (although, apparently the grey one is a no-no) . 

Best water buckle baby carrier

Integra Solar

example of a blue integra solar baby carrier waterproof

The Integra Solar is the perfect waterproof baby carrier for pool fun or a day at the beach!

It’s cotton-like feel fabric blocks 95-99% of the UVA and UVB sunrays, making it very sun-protective.

Further protection is offered by a large sun/sleeping hood, which you can snap onto the shoulders traps with small buckles.

The Integra Solar is perfect as a hot weather baby carrier and to use in the water (ocean, pool, light rain or shower). But it is so versatile and comfortable that you can actually use it in all seasons.

Typical for the Integra is its unstructured waist belt, which makes it a great travel carrier as it is compact and lightweight (and it is still just as comfortable and supportive!).

The baby carrier comes in 3 sizes, making it the only waterproof toddler carrier and goes even up to preschool years! Size 1 is suitable for babies from birth until about 2,5 years. Size 2 will suit toddlers from 18 months up until 3,5 years. While size 3 is for the bigger kids from 3 to 5 years.

We are completely in love with the Integra Solar. It is definitely the best waterproof soft structured carrier on the market. As opposed to the other baby carriers for water use, you can use it as your daily (travel) carrier as well.

Boba Air

If you are looking for the ultimate lightweight waterproof baby carrier, look no further.

The Boba Air weighs only 0.7 lbs (300g) and you can store it in its own zipper pocket (although the new version is a little more difficult to fold than the old one)!

Although the brand doesn’t market it, you can use this for some baby carrier water fun while carrying your child on the front and on the back.

The 2017 new edition Boba Air baby carrier has mesh shoulder straps and padded leg openings for your little one. As it is made of 100% nylon, it can be used both inside and outside the water.

Reviews of the newer edition mention that the shoulder straps tend to be geared towards taller shoulder frames. Furthermore, they tend to bow inside, making them a little uncomfortable.

We wouldn’t recommend bringing the Boba Air lightweight baby carrier as your only babywearing item if you’re a frequent carrier. It’s great for short amounts of time – especially as a beach carrier – but not so much for longer periods.

Apart from using this baby carrier for beach fun on vacation, it’s a great one to have at home as a back-up in the car or in your purse.

The Boba Air can be used from 15-45 lbs (7-20 kg) – but you’ll probably be able to use it comfortably until about 18 months. This swim baby carrier is available in black (old version) and grey (new version).

Bitybean Ultracompact Baby Carrier

The Bitybean water carrier is very similar to the Boba Air. It only weighs 8 oz (230g), so it’s easily tucked away in your beach bag.

When you compare the Boba Air vs Bitybean, you’ll notice that just like the Boba you can wear your child both on the front and the back. When folded down it’s about 2/3rd of the size of the Boba Air. Which means these beach carriers are even more compact.

The Bitybean water carrier is however somewhat less comfortable at the shoulder straps and waist belt. Also, because of its compact size, the seat is somewhat smaller, making it a bit less suitable for bigger kids.

As the beach baby carrier is made from 100% nylon, you can perfectly use it in the water.

This waterproof baby carrier for swimming can be used from 3 months/8 lbs (3.6kg) to 45 lbs (20kg) and is available in black, grey, red and a very bright yellow. 


Why do I need a waterproof baby carrier?

There are times where carrying your child in your arms is not an option, because you need to use both of your hands while you come into contact with water. Using a water baby carrier on the beach/in the sea, in the pool on even in the shower will provide you with a safe option to keep your little one close.
Click here to read more about the best baby carriers for water use.

What types of water baby carriers exist?

There are waterproof versions of the (stretchy) wrap, ringsling and soft structured carrier (SSC).
Click here to see the best models for each type.

What is the best water-friendly baby carrier?

The best one is without a doubt the Integra Solar as you can use it as your fulltime carrier as well. However, when you already have a great carrier at home and just need an extra one for the water, you might want to pick a cheaper one.
Click here to read the Integra Solar review.

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